Zwei Told You So! Few Fare Cheats On SkyTrain!

So, where is the massive fare evasion that warranted over $200 million spent on the Compass Card and Fare Gates for the SkyTrain light-metro system? No massive amounts of fare evasion you say? Maybe it was all those U-Pass holding students that confused everyone? Who was the lobbyist for Cubit Industries again? So, $63,000 more [...]

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Stupid is, as stupid does – TransLink – The faregate fiasco!

This article from Toronto contains some very interesting information. “………$8 million to hire 100 fare inspectors……..” …………and TransLink is spending at least $171 million on fare gates, with annual operating costs of $15 million to deter less than $5 million in fare evasion annually! http://railforthevalley.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/the-fare-evasion-fiasco-why-spend-171-million-to-save-4-38-million-annually/ By the way, there is no proof that fare gates [...]


PRESTO – My Bank Account is Drained

With Vancouver soon adopting an automatic fare card system, it is interesting to note, that not all is well in the land of transit fare-cards. TransLink doesn’t want its new fare card just for transit, oh no, TransLink’s mandarins want the new fare card as a currency, valid for purchases in convenience stores and some [...]