Fare Gates – Not As Advertised

TransLink’s fare-gates and Compass Card system was forced upon TransLink, not to reduce fare evasion, which was well within industry norms, but to ensure then Premier Campbell’s good friend, Ken Dobell, work as aAi?? lobbyist for Cubit Industries who make the fare gates. Lobbyists must be successful with their lobby of government or no one [...]


I Told You so Department.

Old Zwei told you so that the Compass Card was old kit as are the fare gates! The Compass Card and the fare gates deserve a criminal investigation but that will never happen, not in BC, where the police and courts shy away from political interference. Fare evasion was not a problem, yet the mainstream [...]

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Stupid is, as stupid does – TransLink – The faregate fiasco!

This article from Toronto contains some very interesting information. “………$8 million to hire 100 fare inspectors……..” …………and TransLink is spending at least $171 million on fare gates, with annual operating costs of $15 million to deter less than $5 million in fare evasion annually! http://railforthevalley.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/the-fare-evasion-fiasco-why-spend-171-million-to-save-4-38-million-annually/ By the way, there is no proof that fare gates [...]


Faregate Hoopla – In TransLink’s World 1 + 1 =3

Lots of hoopla in the media today about TransLink’s daft $175 million fare-gate program, with the first fare gates being installed at the Marine Drive Canada Line Station. The taxpayer is anteing up over $175 million to retrofit fare-gates to Vancouver’s mini-metro system and with operating costs estimated to exceed $15 million annually, one wonders, [...]