P. T. Barnum Was Right – There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute!

Psssst…….hey want to buy some stock in Nose Dive Airlines or a gold mine on Mars, well come to Metro Vancouver because we have city mayors that would. With absolutely no guarantee, just a promise from TransLink, that the extra two cent a litre tax increase will actually improve transit, several mayors have blundered ahead on [...]

Taxpayers entitled to better transit: Light rail advocate – News1130

Taxpayers entitled to better transit: Light rail advocate Call comes as mayors float idea of two-cent-a-litre gas tax Renee Bernard Jul 08, 2011 20:34:59 PM FRASER VALLEY (NEWS1130) – If we pay the taxes, we want the transit. The proposed increase in gas taxes to pay for the Evergreen Line has some saying it's time [...]


Bridge tolls are inequitable – From the North Shore news

Liz James is one of the few Newspaper types that gets it.Ai??SheAi??is one of the very few newspaper types that actually does research. Instead of the rah-rah SkyTrain/TransLink is good crowd, Ms. James actually gets to theAi??heart of the matter. TransLink is in trouble financially. TransLink needs lots cash to survive; so its a the [...]