The Ottawa "O" Train is legal to operate on existing railway lines and could provide servcie to the Nort Shore

A DMU Service, Not Gondolas, Best Option to Link North Shore!

Gondolas are a niche transit system used for solving unique transit problems. While transit servicing SFU mayAi?? present niche transit problems, especially in winter, crossing Burrard inlet does not. The SFU gondola has been reported in this blog several times; in May 2011; in June 2011; and in October 2011.It is now six years later, [...]


By coincidence

Strange thing that, on the same day the RftV blog exposed certain connections with the TransLink board and Simon Fraser University, the TransLink Board pulled the plug of the Univercity cheap transit passes. One wonders if the same treatment will happen to the SFU aerial tramway as well? TransLink pulls plug on UniverCity cut-rate pass [...]

From The Local News………………

From the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province Opinion: TransLink's math on U-Pass fraud is questionable One in six students would have to resell their transit pass each year to cause $15 million in losses By Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun – May 27, 2011 Forgive my doubting nature, but I'm not ready to buy [...]


To Simon Fraser University by funicular!

Last year there was much talk of an aerial tramway, linking theAi??Millennium Line to Simon Fraser University, but like all transit projects in the region, it has stalled for lack of funding. The SFU aerial tramway project is projected to cost nearly $70 million, which breaks down into $38.2 million for manufacturing the actual lift [...]