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Tracks to the Cities

Light Rail for Liveable Cities A UITP POSITION PAPER In countries where tramways had survived the massive closures of the 50ai??i??s and 60ai??i??s, e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, many remaining systems have been modernised and upgraded and may now be called ai???light rail systemsai???. In many other countries, where tramways had disappeared from the streets, […]


Trams are good for your health – 3

postedAi??from: The Regional Transport Strategy role of Tramways & Light Rail Health Impact of Airborne Pollutants Evidence has now emerged which confirms that the long-term effects of particle air pollution are considerably more significant in damaging Public Health than heart disease. The Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants Report published May 2001, […]


Trams are good for your health – 2

Public transport is good for your health and your wallet, according to scientists Switching to public transport could help you lose nearly half a stone a year in weight, new research suggests. Daily Telegraph  Nantes Light Rail Taking the train, tram or bus instead of your car increases physical activity so much that the […]

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Trams are good for your health

Woman gives up car to avoid buying gas PHOENIX – Two months ago, Nicole Underwood had an epiphany. ai???When gas prices hit $3.50 I was like, thatai??i??s it!ai??? she said. She realized that at $3.50, gas stations were charging the same for one gallon of gas as it costs for an all day pass […]