Why Cities Are Demolishing Freeways

With the decision pending to abandon the proposed mega bridge replacing the Massey Tunnel, this article should give some food for thought. As always, providing more road space, attracts more cars, creating even greater gridlock at the next choke point. It is time, in Metro Vancouver, to think 3 minutes into the future and evaluate [...]

US Fed Funding Policy Heavily Favors Roads Over Transit – From the Light Rail Now Folks

Tipping the Playing Field: How America’s Federal Funding Policy Heavily Favors Roads Over Transit Susan Pantell with Light Rail Now Project Team Ai??Ai?? May 2009 It should come as no great surprise that the federal government gives substantially more financial support to roads than to transit. However, what’s really disturbing Ai??Ai?? especially in a new [...]

All highways and no rail

There’ll be an “announcement about the South Fraser Perimeter Road” tomorrow. Probably a funding announcement. The SFPR is a new proposed highway from Deltaport to the Trans Canada Highway, primarily for trucks. It’s a major part of BC’s $10 billion Gateway project, which is focused entirely on road-building to the exclusion of rail. Looking at [...]