Light Metro Fiasco In Honolulu

Light-metro, a 1970′s solution for a 1950′s transit problems and made obsolete by light rail by the early 90′s. Why oh why do politicians love gadgetbahnen. The total cost of Honolulu’s 20-mile (32 km) rail line and 21 stations as $9.862 billion. If the add-ons approved by the board Friday are included in the final [...]


Honolulu light metro now $1.1 billion (CAD $1.41 billion) over budget

Attention Metro Vancouver transit planners, it seems the Honolulu light-metro is now $1.1 billion (CAD $1.41 billion)over budget. As TransLink aggressively pursues light metro for regional transit planning, alarm bells are sounding in Honolulu. The trouble is, Factbender and the regional Mayors are not listening,Ai?? wanting prestigious transportation vanity projects, in the guise of SkyTrain [...]


Honolulu is Learning the Vancouver Lesson – Build Light-Metro At Your Financial Peril

Updated May 22, 2016 – Added CAD currency conversions. Bombardier and SNC Lavalin spent years grooming Honolulu City politicians to build with light-metro. For their efforts, Bombardier and SNC got pipped at the post by Ansaldo with their proprietary light-metro and and the now chagrined burghers of Honolulu are now finding out that proprietary light-metro [...]


Light Metro Woes in Hawaii

All is not well with Honolulu’s new light metro system. A classic “I told you so” situation has occurred as the fiscal realities of light metro are hitting home very hard. I hope taxpayers have very deep pockets. With proprietary light metro systems, politicians purposely forget that you can also build light rail as a [...]


Limiting in Honolula

The Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project (HHCTCP) is the official name for the plan to construct an elevated rapid transit line serving the City and County of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. http://www.honolulutransit.org/ The line will use 128Ai??ft (39Ai??m) trains carrying about 390 passengers each, similar in weight to light rail systems elsewhere in [...]


SkyTrain loss is Ansaldo’s gain

Bombardier and their friends on the Skyscraper blog must be weeping a sad song. After many years, carefully cultivating a case for an elevatedAi??SkyTrain light metro in Honolulu, the Ansaldo company of Italy, pipped Bombardier and SkyTrain at the post, by winning the Honolulu light metro contract. The main difference between SkyTrain and the Ansaldo [...]

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Debunking the SkyTrain myth part 4 – The curse of the gadgetbahnen

Ai??Ai?? Ai??Ai?? Gadgetbahn (also gadgetbahnen) is a pejorative term used by some transit professionals to describe what they view as infeasible or unnecessary transportation concepts. It is a compounding of gadget, meaning “device that has a useful specific purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology,” and the [...]