Electric Hybrid Streetcars coming to Austin?

Austin Cars ExaminerAi?? August 12, 2011 http://www.examiner.com/cars-in-austin/eclectric-hybrid-streetcars-coming-to-austin A glimpse of the possible future of mass transit in the City of Austin was shown to the public on August 11. Kinkisharyo, a global provider of high speed and mass transit rail vehicles, set up a version of their new low floor hybrid electric street car (the […]

Lyon Citadis-Dualis-alstom

First tram-train arrives in Lyon

France: Lyon Tram-Train Railway Gazette 22 February 2011 http://www.railwaygazette.com/nc/news/single-view/view/first-tram-train-arrives-in-lyon.html The first of 24 Citadis Dualis tram-trains for the TER network west of Lyon arrived at the L’Arbresle maintenance centre on February 18, having left Alstomai??i??s assembly plant in Valenciennes two days earlier. Two more vehicles will be delivered to SNCF in Lyon during the next […]

Hybrid tram goes live in US city

http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/hybrid-tram-goes-live-in-us-city-2191448.html The world has hybrid cars, hybrid buses and even hybrid boats – and now it has a hybrid tram (streetcar), unveiled this week in a US city. The patriotically-named “ameriTRAM” was actually built by a subsidiary of Japanese firm The Kinki Sharyo Co and began trundling along the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina January […]