The Broadway Follies Part 3 A?ai??i??ai??? Questions & Answers about SkyTrain

We continueAi??Ai??with the question and answer format about Broadway’s transit issues, with a focus on SkyTrain. Vancouver is the only city in the world that continues to plan and build solely with automatic (driverless) light-metro and many people would like to know why. First, we must tackle the issue of SkyTrain and answer questions posed [...]

Transit lessons unlearned – Part 2

In the 1980′s there was much debateAi??Ai??between modern light-rail and many proprietary transit systems being offered for sale, which included the SkyTrain ICTS/ALRT automatic light-metro. Many claims were made by the owners of various proprietary transit systems being offered for sale, about the effectivenessAi??Ai??of their transit systems. In 1991, Gerald Fox a noted American transit [...]

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Transit lessons unlearned – Lesson #1

In the very early 1980′s, the Ontario Conservative Party (the William Davis Government) tried to force the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to build with theAi??Ai??new Intermediate Capacity Transit System or ICTS, now known as SkyTrain; produced by the Urban Transit Development Corporation (UTDC) an Ontario crown corporation. The TTC commissionedAi??Ai??a comprehensive studyAi??Ai??comparing streetcars/LRT and metro [...]

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