Kuala Lumpor SkyTrain Revisted – The Legacy Of Corruption Continues

  More interesting insight on how Bombardier does business selling it proprietary rapid transit system abroad and please remember both BC Transit and TransLink were in partnership with bombardier to sell the now called Movia Automatic Light Metro Abroad! The Kelana Jaya line operates with the now called Movia Automatic Light metro system is is […]


SkyTrain Has Issues In Kuala Lumpur

The other SkyTrain is also having operational problems, including power issues, with system wide shutdowns. Well, at least in Malaysia, when their transit system goes Ka-Put, the transit customers do get free rides. With TransLink it’s adios sucker, we know you will have to take SkyTrain whether you like it or not! https://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/wheres-the-bus-backup/ http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2016/09/16/rm250m-to-upgrade-power-substations-on-kelana-jaya-lrt-line/ http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/malaysia-lrt-line-give-free-rides-tuesday-thursday-after-breakdown […]