1 Las Vegas

A Proven Winner

Sin city is getting LRT. After flirting with Bombardier’s Innovia monorail and optically guided buses, Las Vegas is now improving their regional transit system, with a proven winner, light rail transit. Light rail is the winning option for Las Vegas¬†transportation Regional Transportation CommissionA rendering of a proposed light rail system along Maryland¬†Parkway. Monday, Feb. 18, [...]


Trams for Vegas?

Las Vegas has a monorail, but due to political intrigue, it doesn’t service the main airport and is next to useless. I would surmise that the powers that be do not know enough about modern LRT and do not worry about competition from a “tram” What I find interesting is the USD $460 million cost [...]


Roads & Rails = Dumb & Dumber

In BC, we are backward. In fact, we are not just backward, we are literally stone age when it comes to transit planning. Two stories; in Nevada the Boulder rail extension is part of the cost of a new highway and that the CNR sold Georgetown-Kitchener, Ont., rail line to Metrolinx for GO Transit commuter [...]