Game Changer for Regional Rail!

What the FRA does, Transport Canada will soon follow. This news is of great importance to Metro and Victoria’s metro regions, bringing in a transit option that Rail for the Valley has been championing for many years. Proven European technology combined with proven European transit philosophy (which will come with the technology), just may make [...]

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Complete Street the French Way

Complete Streets: From Policy to Implementation How the French Blend Light Rail and Complete Streets for Total Accessibility A PowerPoint presentation from Rail~Volution Minneapolis, 22 September 2014 by Greg Thompson . Tom Larwin . Tom Parkinson of  the Transportation Research Board Subcommittee  on International Light Rail Development Since 1985 when the first modern tram line [...]


After Intense Pressure From the Provincial Government……………..

The following is part of an article, The direction of TTC planning in the 1980′s, by Philip Webb, which appeared in the December 1983 edition of Modern Tramway and Light Rail Transit. By 1983, the UDTC knew that the ICTS/ALRT system could not offer the capacity as advertised. The ICTS/ALRT proprietary transit system did not [...]

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Modern Trams – from the US Point of View

From a recent issue of the US magazine Trains – is an article which is uploaded to the web: “Modern streetcars take back US cities” – “A Streetcar named Revival”. Modern Streetcars in US cities (2) and  TheStreetcarRenaissance  

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Worldwide Tram Market Review – 2014

The Cardinal posts here the schedule of Worldwide Tram orders as of March 2014, courtesy of Tramways & Urban Transit Manufacturer City’s Orders Options Sub-Total Orders Pending Orders  Options Alstom Aubagne, Avignon, Bordeaux, Constantine, Cuenca, Dubai, Montpellier, Nottingham, Ottawa, Oran, Paris, Rio, Sétif, Sidi Bel Abbès, SNCF, Toulouse 374 214 AnsaldoBreda Genova, Firenza, Kayseri, Zhuhai 70 7 [...]

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New Tram-Train service in France

FRANCE: Tram-train services on a 64 km route linking Nantes and Châteaubriant are launched by SNCF on February 28. Opening on 28 February a new tram-train service is now operational on the reopened regional railway between Nantes and Châteaubriant. The railway has been renovated totally after the closure for passenger service at 31 May 1980. [...]

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Tracks to the Cities

Light Rail for Liveable Cities A UITP POSITION PAPER In countries where tramways had survived the massive closures of the 50’s and 60’s, e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, many remaining systems have been modernised and upgraded and may now be called “light rail systems”. In many other countries, where tramways had disappeared from the streets, [...]

Subway cost per mile nearly 9 times higher than for light rail, says study

Recent study results of subway-LRT investment costs posted on the Light Rail Now (LRN) site provide a sobering reality check on the cost issue. Projects examined were an assortment of “recent urban rail projects (all from the 2000s), either completed or well under construction and fully budgeted.” The report lists 24 subway and 13 [...]

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Liz James Takes On The TransLink Referendum

The fiery independent columnist Liz James is one of the few scribes that is willing to take on the TransLink behemoth with other than the political correctness that follows the issue. David Cockle, mentioned in Ms. James piece, is the very same David Cockle who did the famous Leewood/Rail for the Valley Study….. ….. and [...]

New Prague streetcars reverse noise pollution

An overlooked benefit of streetcars is the reduction in noise pollution associated with bus and car traffic. In fact, some pedestrians in Prague say the newest streetcars from Skoda are too quiet! Latest streetcars in historic Prague. An article from iDnes, a Czech news portal, describes the experiences of operators of the new 15T streetcarsbuilt [...]