Massey 1

A Tale of Three Letters

Malcolm Johnston, local transit advocate and long time thorn in the side of TransLink, is offering his views of the pre civic election hype regarding the oten announced Massey Tunnel replacement. The one issue that puzzles Zwei is the idea that a bridge will carry more traffic than a tunnel, if both have equal traffic […]


Massey Tunnel Shit Show

Blunt title but it is time to be blunt, regional transit planning is a “shit show”. Shit show: Noun, vulgar slang, US origin – a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy. This aptly describes our regional transit planning, where politicians at all levels of government promote their pet transit theories and projects, using […]

Massey Bridge

Requiem For The Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge

The Massey Tunnel Bridge replacement project is again in the news, as the massively expensive replacement bridge for the Massey tunnel has been mothballed. Now, the CBC has found hugely expensive financial irregularities with the new Port Mann Bridge, and the air of political corruption hangs heavily in the air. Was the proposed mega bridge […]

Port mann

Port Mann Fiasco

Gridlock is endemic in metro Vancouver. TransLink has become the “clown of transit planning” and now with with two very expensive vanity projects, the truncated Broadway SkyTrain subway and the Surrey LRT, which is being planned as a “poor man’s” SkyTrain, the clown is turning into a nightmare. TransLink has had good teachers. Now, all […]


Massey Tunnel Mystery – Solved!

Ah, the truth comes out. It’s not congestion or traffic gridlock that is driving the $3.5 billion Massey Tunnel replacement, it is Port Metro Vancouver and Fraser Surrey Docks, as they want a massive subsidized bridge to replace the Massey tunnel so Panama max and Cape max vessels can venture up the Fraser River to […]


A Pricey Massey Tunnel Bridge Repacement Wonai??i??t Clear Up Congestion

As the local newspapers try to deal with the proposed Massey Tunnel replacement, Metro News has an interesting article. In reality, the Massey Tunnel, replacement bridge will not alleviate congestion, rather just move it from Delta to Richmond. Now Eric Chris may want to correct Zwie on this, but here is the problem. There are […]


Stop fighting Massey bridge, Delta mayor doesn’t get it

Some politicians ‘get it’ and many other don’t; the same goes with regional transportation planning. Delta’s Mayor, Lois Jackson clearly doesn’t get it. The proposed Massey Tunnel replacement bridge will not solve congestion, only move it a few kilometres from Delta, across the river into Richmond. Someone must explain to Mayor Jackson, that unless a […]


Minister Know Nothing

Ministers of Transportation in BC recently have been generally “know-nothings”, as they know very little about transit, public transit, and transportation in general. To keep their highly paid position, they do exactly what the premier tells them to do. Premier Clark announced a new bridge to replace the Massey tunnel and Minister of Transportation, Todd […]


The Real Costs of Subways – Is The Provincial Government Listening?

There is a misconception by Vancouver politicians and engineers; TransLink’s planners and bureaucrats; Ministry of Transportation bureaucrats; and The Minister of Transportation and the Premier, that subways are rather cheap to build. TransLink has fortified this perception by deliberately over-engineering light rail to sell the idea that the cost of at-grade and or on-street light […]


Fraser Bridge Chaos?

Exactly what Zwei has predicted! The BC Liberal Fraser River crossing spells the death knell of the BC Agricultural land Reserve, regional transit planning, and metro transportation planning. This bridge is all about satisfying McQuarrie, SNC Lavalin, Enbridge, land speculators, and motorists. LA North is not just coming, it is here. Planners see problems with […]