TriMet public approval rebounding

I wonder how TransLink would fare? I guess we will see after the transit plebiscite. PORTLAND TriMet which runs the area’s bus and light rail system is seeing is public approval on the rise despite service issues and financial woes, The Oregonian reports:“Poll: TriMet public approval rebounding despite MAX service problems, ongoing financial challengesBy Joseph [...]


Winds of Change

LRT operating as a streetcar in downtown Portland The Vancouver Sun has always been a barometer on the governments standing on regional rail transit. The paper is famous for its pro SkyTrain stance, printing the usual SkyTrain myths as they were facts, but now, with the current TransLink financial morass, the Sun prints a letter that [...]


News From Portland – Trams and Light Rail

The newly-redesigned Portland Streetcar website is especially informative, and is doing a great job reporting on the week-by-week progress of our forthcoming east side (of the Willamette River) streetcar line. For example, see for a video visualization of the new line, and also which has a good map and discussion of the current [...]