SkyTrain Costs That TransLink Do No Want The Taxpayer To Know

Many people who advocate for more SkyTrain extensions in the metro region, do not understand the costs associated with automatic train control or ATC, necessary for driverless operation. The cost of resignalling just one subway line in Toronto is said to cost CAD $562 million. TransLink’s problem is that to increase capacity on the Innovia [...]

The Evergreen Line, very expensive for what it does.

Adios The Evergreen line?

While researching for a magazine article, came across this on Wikipedia and I am not surprised. It seems TransLink has jumped the gun in abandoning the Evergreen line name and instead the entire VCC/Clark Dr. toAi?? LaFarge Douglas as the Millennium Line. Makes sense to me as the Evergreen Line was the unfinished portion of [...]

Scenes like this will become commonplace as the Expo Line ages

Expensive Projects = Expensive Costs

Most people championing expensive transit, fail to see three minutes into the future. The failure of a switch motor on the Expo Line last week caused transit chaos. Switch motors fail and on automatic railways, the regimen is to replace motors on a preventative basis before they fail in revenue service to maintain the integrity [...]

and Now…….Here is The Real Story

The reason the TransLink is making the change may prove rather interesting. The story starts with the old Broadway-Lougheed rapid transit project which was planned for light rail operating from Arbutus and Broadway to Lougheed Mall and the Tri-Cities. This is the transit line that the NDP (under the leadership of Glen Clark and Joy [...]

Abandon SkyTrain 4

Over to You Mr. Cow – The Vancouver Sun’s Recent “Puff” SkyTrain Story

This comment from Mr. Cow deserves a post of its own as there is so much information here, it deserves a wider audience. As Mr. Cow is a Canadian Transit Engineer, his comments are well worth reading. When SkyTrain ‘crapped-out’ in the Summer of 2014 there were no drivers or attendants to oversee the evacuation [...]

Photo by Best DSC!

Medical Emergancy – TransLink Speak For Another Death

On Monday last, another suicide another death on SkyTrain, yet the media and TransLink hides the fact, with the utility phrase; “medical emergancy”. The hypocrisy of the mainstream media makes me upchuck, as if they treated suicides on SkyTrain, like the fare evasion issue, maybe TransLink would ‘lift a finger’ and do something. One of [...]

Funny how humans let themselves be hearded

Surface LRT will “corrupt” rail system

In a letter to the Langley Advance, a spokesman for “SkyTrain for Surrey” says adding surface light rail to the Vancouver area rail transit system will “corrupt” the efficiency and cost recovery of the existing rapid transit system: http://www.langleyadvance.com/TransLink+SkyTrain+boosting+profits/6672346/story.html This is the link to the letter that, Daryl Dela Cruz ofAi??SkyTrain for Surrey objects to: [...]


Austin LRT plan criticized … by rail advocates

Light rail advocates not only promote light rail, they also promote good public transport and if a light rail project does not meet the criteria for good public transit, light-rail advocates must criticize the project. What is happening in Austin has happened elsewhere. In Seattle, the light-rail group supporting the then proposed Seattle LRT projects [...]


The Selling of the Evergreen Line

From the Bill good Show on CKNW radio…….. 9:00 -9:30 EVERGREEN LINE OPENS UP A WORLD OF BUSINESS POSSIBILITIES Transportation minister Blair Lekstrom recently announced that construction for the Evergreen Line is expected to start at the end of next summer. And there is a lot of planning that will go on between now and [...]