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Medical Emergancy – TransLink Speak For Another Death

On Monday last, another suicide another death on SkyTrain, yet the media and TransLink hides the fact, with the utility phrase; “medical emergancy”. The hypocrisy of the mainstream media makes me upchuck, as if they treated suicides on SkyTrain, like the fare evasion issue, maybe TransLink would ‘lift a finger’ and do something. One of [...]

Funny how humans let themselves be hearded

Surface LRT will “corrupt” rail system

In a letter to the Langley Advance, a spokesman for “SkyTrain for Surrey” says adding surface light rail to the Vancouver area rail transit system will “corrupt” the efficiency and cost recovery of the existing rapid transit system: This is the link to the letter that, Daryl Dela Cruz ofAi??SkyTrain for Surrey objects to: [...]


Austin LRT plan criticized … by rail advocates

Light rail advocates not only promote light rail, they also promote good public transport and if a light rail project does not meet the criteria for good public transit, light-rail advocates must criticize the project. What is happening in Austin has happened elsewhere. In Seattle, the light-rail group supporting the then proposed Seattle LRT projects [...]


The Selling of the Evergreen Line

From the Bill good Show on CKNW radio…….. 9:00 -9:30 EVERGREEN LINE OPENS UP A WORLD OF BUSINESS POSSIBILITIES Transportation minister Blair Lekstrom recently announced that construction for the Evergreen Line is expected to start at the end of next summer. And there is a lot of planning that will go on between now and [...]