The Canada Line P-3, A Template for Graft and Corruption in Montreal

As we all should know, the Caisse is the main finical backer of the Canada Line faux P-3 and using the BC Liberal P-3 process as a template, the Caisse is now funding Montreal’s highly controversial REM light metro project. As built, the Canada Line is a dwarf metro system that uses electrical multiple units [...]

Thr canada line can only operate 41 metre long two car trains, which is smaller than many trams on the market today. Thus the canada line has less capacity than a modern tramway.

The White Elephant Line

A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness. To recap, the Canada Line is not a true P-3, rather a mock P-3, where SNC Lavalin/Bombardier, bid against, SNC Lavalin/ROTEM. Judge Pittfield who presided over the failed Susan [...]


Broadway Subway Is Luxury Wrapped In Opulence – Designed To Sell A Mock P-3?

It did not take long for the Liberal fixers in Ottawa to hatch a scheme to keep their political friends awash in taxpayer`s dollars. Public transit schemes are generally not money makers, in fact the vast majority of public transit operations around the globe are subsidized, many heavily subsidized. A few light rail transit lines [...]

Added costs for the Canada Line – Has The Taxpayer Assumed Risk?

It seems that TransLink’s costs are rising but what peaked Zweisysytem’s interest is that there has been a cost escalation of the Canada Line contract – what cost escalation? Isn’t the Canada Line supposed to be a P-3 project and that SNC Lavalin and not the taxpayerAi??assumed risk? Now we know all the hype and [...]


TorontoA?ai??i??ai???s Airport Link in Public Hands After Collapse of PPP Deal – From the Transport Politic

Interesting news as the same players are involved with the RAV/Canada Line. Makes one think what secret sweeteners the province used to masquerade the Canada Line as a P-3? This must bode ill for the Evergreen Line financing, as the government wants to induce business to invest in a P-3 arrangement to find the final [...]

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Greenville SC Southern Connector toller files for bankruptcy

From Toll Road News Greenville SC Southern Connector toller files for bankruptcy Connector 2000 Association developer and operator of the Greenville Southern Connector tollroad filed for bankruptcy today in US Bankuptcy Court in nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina. The filing done under chapter 9 of the US Bankruptcy code that handles broke government entities has been [...]