“Didn’t realize they’d started those confounded toll-roads already.”

Mobility Pricing – The Rapture of Megaprojects

The first rule of mobility pricing is: One must have an affordable and user friendly public transit alternative. Metro Vancouver doesn’t, nor is planning for one. Instead metro Vancouver is planning for politically prestigious mega transit projects and like all megaprojects, they cost a lot of money and government, whether it be civic, provincial or […]

For Whom the Tolls Toll.

You operate a very expensive transit system that is not user friendly. You build a subway on a route with nowhere near the ridership to sustain it. You persist in planning and using a very expensive, yet obsolete proprietary light metro. You pretend that public transit is a right and not a convenience. You persist […]


For WhomThe Road Toll, Tolls

Yup, road tolls will spell political suicide for any politician who wants to take up the crusade for road pricing. But Price and Harcourt are , in part, the architects of the TransLink fiasco, simply because they pretend to be transit experts, but in reality know very little about Public Transport, pontificating on hugely expensive […]

>Traffic on Golden Ears Bridge has fallen below expectations, causing TransLink to reduce the toll temporarily. Motorists will see a 30-per-cent discount during off-peak hours starting April 15.

Liberal government caves in on road pricing

Ha, ha, ha, it seems the Liberal government hasAi??caved-in at introducing road pricing or road tolls on the region, when they realized that the introduction of road tolls/pricing, would ensure a one way trip to political oblivion. To make road pricing or road tolls work, would mean the region would have to have a viable […]


Road tolls coming – welcome to tax and spend TransLink

Road tolls, the clarion call of tax and spend bureaucrats and politicians. What the boys and girls wanting road tolls or road pricing is more taxpayers money to waste on nextAi??to useless SkyTrain expansion, new posh offices, and ever higher salaries; better public transit is just an excuse, but not in the cards. For road […]