Sound Transit to invest $2.1M in rail, bus ridership research

Seattle's LRT is grossly overbuilt for what it does. Seattle has built a grossly over-engineered light rail line which has more in common with Vancouver's SkyTrain light metro than LRT and ridership is flagging. Having failed to meet forecast ridership comes as no surprise as the hybrid light rail/metro is trying to be all things to all [...]


Seattle’s Light Rail Update – the SkyTrain Lobby Infiltrates Down South

Ai?? The following story from the Seattle Transit Blog clearly illustrates the SkyTrain/metro types still have not read a book on the subject, instead believing that “speed’ and ‘grade separation’ for a transit system are a necessity. What is striking is the anti-LRT attitude of the metro supporting people who post. Like Vancouver, Seattle’s transit [...]


Seattle Transit – Kemper Freeman is suing to stop light-rail expansion to Eastside

The transit debate in Seattle is veryAi??Ai??interesting and far more entertaining than anything here in Vancouver.Ai??Ai??Unlike Seattle, Vancouver’s business elite’s glad-handed the hugely expensive RAV/Canada line because they knew some of the over $2.5 billion spent on the metro would find its way into their businesses pockets. The LRT and metro debate in Vancouver Ai??Ai??has [...]

Seattle LRT 1

From Seattle – The end of the line, for now: Tukwila is the jewel in the crown of Link – Mike Lindblom – Seattle Times

Though Seattle’s light rail project has more in common with Vancouver’s light-metro system, it does have portions running on city streets. Through the Duwamish River valley, it operates as a light-metro, running on a 8 km. viaduct. As soon as light-rail trains head south out of Seattle, leaving the streets of Rainier Valley, the ride [...]