An Open Letter To The Minister of Transportation

To whom it may concern: Cutting ribbons is not the main function of the Minister of Transportation, but in BC it seems it is. Trying to justify the Premier’s (or should I say Fraser Surrey docks/SNC’s) $3.5 billion Massey Tunnel vanity bridge replacements is seemingly taking a lot of your time. I understand your many [...]

Canada Rail 2(1)

Arbutus Fail and Other Transit Thoughts

Contrary to TransLink’s claims, the Canada line has 40m to 50m long station platforms, which severely limits capacity. In today’s Sun, there is an article by Pete McMartin, bemoaning the current state of the Arbutus Corridor debate. What the Vancouver Sun and the City of Vancouver are dancing around, yet never mention is that that [...]

All highways and no rail

There’ll be an “announcement about the South Fraser Perimeter Road” tomorrow. Probably a funding announcement. The SFPR is a new proposed highway from Deltaport to the Trans Canada Highway, primarily for trucks. It’s a major part of BC’s $10 billion Gateway project, which is focused entirely on road-building to the exclusion of rail. Looking at [...]