Is It time To Say Adios To TransLink’s Kevin Desmond?

TransLink’s American CEO, Kevin Desmond, was always TransLink’s man. A consummate bureaucrat, he knows what buttons to push and what whistles to blow, but when it comes to transit, Desmond does what he is told to do. TransLink has never acknowledged the fact that the public, especially the taxpayer after the 2015 plebiscite do not [...]


What Was Once $70 million, Is Now $120 Million! The SFU Gondola Project

As TransLink's is extorting as much tax money as it can from the regional taxpayer, the Simon Fraser University gondola project is in full swing.  What is interesting is that the cost of the gondola project has soared from $70 million from this spring to $120 million today. I wonder if TransLink Board Chair, Nancy [...]


By coincidence

Strange thing that, on the same day the RftV blog exposed certain connections with the TransLink board and Simon Fraser University, the TransLink Board pulled the plug of the Univercity cheap transit passes. One wonders if the same treatment will happen to the SFU aerial tramway as well? TransLink pulls plug on UniverCity cut-rate pass [...]