Buoding light metro at grade creates the "Berlin Wall" effect.

How The NDP Paved Paradise and Turned It Into a Parking Lot.

The NDP’s refusal to give Metro Vancouver’s transit planning an independent review has condemned the region to congestion and gridlock for generations. The billions of dollars spent on rapid transit and the future billions of dollars to be spent expanding rapid transit has and will utterly fail to attract the driver from his/her cars. The […]

Gondolas, Not User Freindly

As the regional mayors are gung-ho on the $200 million SFU gondola, I went back to my files and found some more interesting information on using gondolas or aerial tamways. * I see one very big problem, the aerial tramway is a transit system and must adhere to Transport Canada’s rules and one big problem […]


Everyone Is An Expert

Why is it, when someone is elected to office, they become instant transit experts? Why is it, when it comes to transit, common sense is tossed from the window? It seems Liberal MLA, Jane Thornthwaite, wants a SkyTrain subway to the North Shore. First question that she should be asking is: Would it be the […]


By coincidence

Strange thing that, on the same day the RftV blog exposed certain connections with the TransLink board and Simon Fraser University, the TransLink Board pulled the plug of the Univercity cheap transit passes. One wonders if the same treatment will happen to the SFU aerial tramway as well? TransLink pulls plug on UniverCity cut-rate pass […]


Tensions rise over proposed Simon Fraser University gondola – TransLink Uses RftV estimates!

Portland's aerial tramway intermediate 60 metre tower. If Portland has one, then TransLink wants one too!, this is called the 'neat' factor. TransLink just doesn't get it, the organization never has. The 'consultation' process, including community meetings is a sham, with TransLink any sort of consultation process is a sham. It seems now what is happening […]


To Simon Fraser University by funicular!

Last year there was much talk of an aerial tramway, linking theAi??Millennium Line to Simon Fraser University, but like all transit projects in the region, it has stalled for lack of funding. The SFU aerial tramway project is projected to cost nearly $70 million, which breaks down into $38.2 million for manufacturing the actual lift […]


Transit Planning In Metro Vancouver – Where Have We Gone Wrong?

The release of TransLink’s $400,000.00 Fraser Valley Transit Study continues over three decades of transit denial by politicians and bureaucrats alike. The SkyTrain driverless light metro system has brought with it, the seeds of a regional transportation debacle, where the invented claims by the SkyTrain lobby has infected all regional planning, including the universities with […]


By Rail to Simon Fraser University

In a private email to Zweisystem, a question was asked: “other than buses, how else could Simon Fraser University be serviced by public transit?” The email went on to discuss the merits or pitfalls of various transit modes including Funiculars (not enough capacity) and a high speed Gondolas (again, questionable capacity and high maintenance costs). […]