SNC-Lavalin replaces CEO amid more allegations

SNC is so intertwined with SkyTrain and the Canada Line that everyone should give this a good read. Let us remember that judge Pittfield, who presided over the original Susan Heyes lawsuit against TransLink, called the bidding process for the Canada Line a “charade“. From the CBC, SNC-Lavalin replaces CEO amid more allegations The title […]


The huge cost of building subways: is TransLink listening?

What was once going to be a much more affordable hybrid light-metro/light rail line, before the election of Toronto’s Ai??Mayor Ford, Ai??is now being replanned as a full scale subway, dramatically increasing costs. Those wanting to build a subway under Broadway had better get out their calculators because new subway construction in Toronto is getting […]


BRT Buffoonery and a word about Susan Heyes

Some interesting costs associated with BRT. If the following is to be believed, then BRT is more expensive to build and operate than light rail. Maybe that’s why TransLink wants to build BRT in the Fraser Valley. With TransLink, if it costs more to build and operate than light rail, they build it! Pittsburg BRT, […]

Appeal Court upholds Canada Line class-action of Cambie Street merchants – From the Vancouver Sun

It seems in BC, justice from the courts depends on the judge presiding over the case and not the law. From the same court of appeal which rejected former Cambie Street merchant Susan Heyes award for ‘nuisance‘ due to Canada line cut-and-cover construction, now upholds a class-action lawsuit by Cambie Street merchants for nuisance for […]


Susan Heyes

It seems TransLink, in the guise of RAVCo; in the guise of the Canada Line P-3, is the only major subway cut-and-cover projects that did not plan for compensation to affected businesses. In three years of research, Zwei has failed to find a major transit scheme, let alone a cut-and cover subway projects, that didn't […]