Tolls and road pricing are a tax and spend politicins best friends.

Weaver and the Greens Haven’t a Clue

Weaver hasn’t a clue about transit and throwing more money after bad will not improve it. The “road pricing” issue is nothing more than a wet squib; for road pricing to be publicly accepted and successful one must have a viable and user-friendly transit system. We don’t, not even close and Weaver throwing an extra [...]


For Whom The Toll Tolls

Not surprised at all about this as a similar issue arose in children sports. Last year my child’s sports team saw a dramatic drop in players, from what was about 50 to less than 15. The team manager, upon inquiries, soon found the answer. Because of the new toll on the Port Mann Bridge, was [...]


Bridge tolls are inequitable – From the North Shore news

Liz James is one of the few Newspaper types that gets it.Ai??SheAi??is one of the very few newspaper types that actually does research. Instead of the rah-rah SkyTrain/TransLink is good crowd, Ms. James actually gets to theAi??heart of the matter. TransLink is in trouble financially. TransLink needs lots cash to survive; so its a the [...]