Oh Dear, the Scarborough R/T Replacement Again

Interesting news from Toronto, with the ongoing debate over the replacement of the Scarborough R/T. One would think our Toronto cousins believe that money grows on trees, wanting a a $3 billion, three stop subway line instead of a more convenient $1.8 billion seven stop LRT line. What I find so sad is the absolute [...]

Tram problems in Toronto

Next time, forget Bombardier and buy from Siemens or Alstom! TTC’s new streetcars plagued with manufacturing problems CEO Andy Byford wants customers to know initial cars were slow to hit the street because they were badly built. Marcus Oleniuk / Toronto Star Order this photo A TTC worker changes the track for a new model [...]


Finch Ave. West LRT is a go!

Finch Ave. West LRT is a go! With thanks from Mr. Haveacow! In the latest of a flurry of transit infrastructure announcements before and since last week’s launch of Ontario’s 2015 budget, the government of Ontario says it’s finally going to start building a light rail transit line along Finch Avenue West. At a media [...]

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1 Toronto

Trams save operating costs!

Confirming what Zwei has been saying for the past few decades, on modern streetcar or tram is as efficient as four to six buses. The key statement from TTC Chair Councillor Maria Augimeri; “………for every streetcar removed from the downtown core, they would have to be replaced with 3-5 buses.”, confirms what Zwei has been [...]

Amsterdam, Tramway

Worldwide Tram Market Review – 2014

The Cardinal posts here the schedule of Worldwide Tram orders as of March 2014, courtesy of Tramways & Urban Transit Manufacturer City’s Orders Options Sub-Total Orders Pending Orders  Options Alstom Aubagne, Avignon, Bordeaux, Constantine, Cuenca, Dubai, Montpellier, Nottingham, Ottawa, Oran, Paris, Rio, Sétif, Sidi Bel Abbès, SNCF, Toulouse 374 214 AnsaldoBreda Genova, Firenza, Kayseri, Zhuhai 70 7 [...]


Toronto TTC – New Streetcar Implementation Plan

Toronto TTC new streetcar implementation TTC Low Floor LRV Roll Out Plan Released (Update 3) Posted on June 25, 2013 by Steve Updated June 25, 2013:  At the June 24 Commission meeting, CEO Andy Byford presented further details of the roll out plan.  This information is added to the end of the article along with [...]

NG Melbourne Tram 96

The World’s Top 10 Tram Rides

Taken from the National Geographic’s Journey’s of a Lifetime – 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips Melbourne’s route 96 tram has been named in National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime” coffee table book as one of the planet’s top 10 “trolley car” rides.   Budapest’s Tram Route No 2 is awarded 7th place, [...]


Light Rail Vehicle & Tramcar orders – 2013

The following table gives the totals for Trams/LRV’s on order + options, as at February 2013 Source Tramways & Urban Transit No 904 April 2013 Manufacturer City’s Orders Options Sub-Total Orders Pending         Orders  Options Alstom Bordeaux, Dubai, Nottingham, Ottawa, Paris, Toulouse 188 91 2701 792 587 AnsaldoBreda Genoa, Firenza 68 7 [...]

Canada’s light rail renaissance

From the International Railway Journal Light rail is experiencing a renaissance in cities throughout Canada with various new lines planned and some currently under construction. LIKE most cities across the world, Canada’s leading urban centres suffer from traffic congestion leaving many residents wasting time in their cars. In recent years light rail schemes have [...]

Why Is TransLink’s Price for Light Rail Triple What Other Cities Pay?

Arguments for spending billions on SkyTrain along Broadway rest on oddly high estimates for the alternative: light rail. By Kathryn Mandell and Patrick M. Condon, Today, Future interrupted? Why is Vancouver light rail assumed to be three times more expensive than elsewhere? Image source: Steer Davies Gleave.    An extremely expensive decision for taxpayers looms [...]