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Transit Can Only Improve If TransLink Is Dissolved

The following PostScript to a letter sent by Eric Chris, a professional engineer, is worthy of a post because he addresses the hidden issues of the U-Pass. For those who live outside of TransLink’s realm, the U-Pass is a universal transit pass giving unlimited travel, forcibly sold to over 110,000 post secondary students in Metro [...]


The Great TransLink Rip-Off

Zwei doesn't have a problem with discounted bus passes, but they must be available to all. Having deep discounted bus passes available only to a select few is an insult to transit customer and an insult to the taxpayer, especially if TransLink is demanding more money from the regional taxpayer to fund its grand metro schemes [...]

From The Local News………………

From the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province Opinion: TransLink's math on U-Pass fraud is questionable One in six students would have to resell their transit pass each year to cause $15 million in losses By Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun – May 27, 2011 http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/editorials/TransLink+math+Pass+fraud+questionable/4847913/story.html Forgive my doubting nature, but I'm not ready to buy [...]


As Predicted – Problems Threatens The U-Pass Program

As predicted some time ago, there are serious problems with the U-Pass program. This news item from the Vancouver Sun is but only a tip of the iceberg. The real problem with the U-Pass is not reselling of the pass, etc. rather U-Pass holders are using it much more than anticipated, causing financial havoc to TransLink. [...]


Bridge tolls are inequitable – From the North Shore news

Liz James is one of the few Newspaper types that gets it.Ai??SheAi??is one of the very few newspaper types that actually does research. Instead of the rah-rah SkyTrain/TransLink is good crowd, Ms. James actually gets to theAi??heart of the matter. TransLink is in trouble financially. TransLink needs lots cash to survive; so its a the [...]


U-Pass program offered to more students in Metro Vancouver, across B.C. Will Transit Fares soon increase?

Gordon Campbell is in trouble, the HST fiasco is as close to a ‘pitchfork‘ rebellion as one can get, so to increase his popularity he must buy off voters and in a classic Campbell downloading taxes onto the poor announcementAi??Ai??has declared a universal U-Pass to all post secondary students. The problem is, the region has [...]

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