Translink Continues To Decieve the Public And The Mainstream Media Sleeps

One just has to shake ones head with TransLink. Calling it the “Ship of Fools” is not correct. The “Ship of Fools are those buying into Translink’s continued propaganda stream. Earlier, Zwei debunked the TransLink inspired myth that Broadway was the busiest transit Corridor in Canada; no wait North America. Where was the mainstream media? […]

TransLink cartoon

The Usual Suspects Shill for a Yes Vote for the Upcoming TransLink Referendum

Yikes, the Vancouver Sun is at it again, blindly shilling for a yes vote in the not yet announced TransLink referendum. This only makes me guess that internal polling shows that a yes vote is far from certain. All the usual suspects, the B.C. Federation of Labour; The B.C. Board of Trade; and the various […]


Oh Please. Once Again The Vancouver Sun Again Shills For SkyTrain

Really! The Vancouver sun continues to unashamedly shill for the SkyTrain mini-metro system. I know this is tiresome, in fact downright boring, but the folks at the Sun should know better than take TransLink Press Releases as fact. The old arguments, the apples to oranges comparisons, is none other than editorial BS, from a newspaper […]


Surrey Mayor Watts ups the TransLink ante – ‘We’re redefining Surrey’

Following on from Zweisai??i?? earlier posting of the Vancouver Sunai??i??s reporting of Mayor Dianne Wattsai??i??s state of city address `Surrey looks to light rail to ease huge growth’ `SkyTrain is too expensive, Mayor Dianne Watts says’ the Surrey Now paperAi?? published the following article on Tuesday: ‘We’re redefining Surrey,’ mayor says at annual State of […]

The Vancouver Sun Again Embarrasses Itself With a Pro SkyTrain – Pro TransLink Editorial!

In one of the most self serving pro-TransLink, pro-SkyTrain editorials yet, the Vancouver Sun printed a "puff' editorial authored by former Premier Mike Harcourt, who championed the Canada Line, and Dale Parker, Chair of TransLink, whose planning bureaucrats still squander millions of dollars on unachievable metro plans. The aim of the editorial, of course is to try to embarrass […]