A major derailment of Toronto's SRT (SkyTrain) was due to poor maintenance practices, with the line closing down for good in November of this year.

A Very Close Call – The Public Needs An Inquiry

Poor maintenance can be traced to TransLink’s dire financial ills. Sadly the mandarins running TransLink do not seem to be acquainted with the nuances of maintaining the railway and the SkyTrain light-metro system is a railway. Track switches are an integral part of the railway and must be constantly maintained, yet TransLink seems to have […]


Obituary – Adam Fitch

  Rail for the Valley is not in the habit of printing obituaries, but Adam Fitch was a good friend to Rail for the Valley and this blog. Zwei received the following email from the daughter of Adam Fitch: This is Emily Fitch, Adam’s elder daughter. If you can, please join me on Monday, September […]


Electric BRT vehicle catches fire in Paris

An electric RATP bus caught fire this morning in Paris. An electric RATP bus, traveling on line 71, caught fire this Friday morning around 8 a.m., near the Bibliothèque-François-Mitterrand stop, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This is the third fire of this type of bus in the Île-de-France in the space of a month A frightening […]


Are We just Deaf To Global Warming?

In the first week of July’s record heat and the fireball that turned the Village of Lytton, which for the previous three days recorded the highest temperatures in Canada, to ash, our politicians stood mute. Oh, there were those 10 second sound bites and photo-ops of care, but the lesson did not sink in. It […]


Holiday Greetings! Be Healthy, Be Safe! Rail for the Valley

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY SAFE AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! From Rail for the Valley   2020 what a year! Trondheim’s Gråkallbanen, is the worlds most northerly tramway in the world and golly gee whiz, it doesn’t need reindeer to enable to operate in the snow!

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The gelbe wand - karlsruhe, Germany.

Are You A Transit Expert? 15 Questions.

Here are ten questions to test the knowledge of political candidates about LRT & public transit in May’s provincial election. Passing grade is 70%. What is light rail transit? What Makes a tram or Streetcar Light Rail What is a metro? What is capacity?  What grade maximum is now industry standard for light rail? What […]

Screenshot_2020-09-16 Province considers five options for Vancouver North Shore transit crossing(1)

Is TGV Coming To The North Shore?

Yesterday’s NDP pre election telly-op on local television stations of the standard TransLink fare of having five options for rapid transit to the North Shore showed some very strange animations. Instead of animations of SkyTrain trundling through tunnels, it showed TGV style trains instead. One wonders if the NDP are going to have surprise announcement […]

xmas 3 Munich

A Merry Christmas From Rail For The Valley

Christmas trams from…………….. Munich Budapest Zagreb Vienna Bratislava A very merry and a very safe Christmas to all of you, from Rail for the Valley!

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TransLink’s $3 Billion Waste Exposed!

  Support affordable and realistic transit options for the Fraser Valley!


Remember, Remember The 13th Of December

The next Mayor’s Council on Transit meeting is on December 13 and a very important meeting indeed. At this meeting the Mayor’s Council on Transit will decide on the fate of Surrey’s LRT project. The SkyTrain Lobby is worried (the number of spam emails has increased tremendously) that common sense may reign and the decision […]