TramTrain for Cape Breton?

Interesting news from the other side of the country. Cape Breton Island Population: 93,700 So, a population of 93,700 warrants a study to see if light rail is feasible? How about Vancouver Island and the E&N? How about restoring a passenger service on the former BC electric interurban route to Chilliwack? The distance between Port […]

And You Think SkyTrain is Cheaper Than Light Rail -Think Again!

Who says LRT is too expensive? The estimated cost to rehab both the Expo and Millennium Lines is now topping $4 billion (now, not including rail, OHE, stations and cars) and with already $1.47 billion spent on resignalling the proprietary automatic railway, the cost now seems to be well over $5 billion for 16 km […]

TramTrain – Regional Railways – Why Not Here?

As all levels of government pretend they are fighting Global Warming and Climate change, via the much hated Carbon Tax, real solutions such as TramTrain and regional railways are ignored. Germany has been a forefront in the fight against Global Warming and Climate change and part of that fight is reopening abandoned rail routes and […]

Here We Go Again!

BROADWAY IS NOT THE BUSIEST TRANSIT ROUTE IN CANADA It seems trouble is brewing on Broadway, buildings are sagging and media keeps repeating the TransLink and City of Vancouver’s nonsense that Broadway is the busiest transit route in North America. Well it isn’t and never was and my guess is that TransLink, the provincial NDP […]

Mr. Cow Told You So! A Switching Problem!

Our friend Mr. Haveacow, predicted this some years ago and there were many who pooh-poohed this. I even had a local politician warning me not to spread misinformation, with a hint of legal proceedings. Why so touchy on the subject? It looks like TransLink and the Mayor’s Council on Transit are trying to hide the […]

Man of Straw Arguments

  “Man of Straw” argument: The straw man fallacy is an informal fallacy, which means that the flaw lies with the arguer’s method of arguing rather than the flaws of the argument itself. The straw man fallacy avoids the opponent’s actual argument and instead argues against an inaccurate caricature of it. When dealing with arguments […]


Catching a local radio last week, the old saw about capacity and that SkyTrain had a higher capacity than Light Rail, again was used as a example why light rail was not as good as SkyTrain. Sadly, there was no fact check, just blind acceptance of fake news. Really, after the $1.49 billion resignalling contract, […]

These Guys Could Not Even Operate A Christmas Trainset

When it comes to Vancouver politicians, I just shake my head. According to to the Vancouver City website: Accessibility The entire site is wheelchair accessible. The train has an accessibility carriage and passengers in wheelchairs should be accompanied by an attendant to facilitate the boarding process. We offer free tickets for: Wheelchair-accessible seating Attendants for […]

Five Reasons Why The NDP Don’t Want The “Return of the Interurban”.

  This post was released on Wednesday, February 11, 2009,under the title, “Five reasons Why Gordo and his ‘Falcon’ don’t want the “Return of the Interurban”. It is still relevant today, only the names have been changed. Under the NDP, nothing has changed. So, with a little tweaking here and updating there, we have the […]

A Letter To The CBC

I sent this to the CBC in Montreal, which they will take no action. The CBC’s accuracy on transit projects or just reporting on transit issues has greatly declined over the past decade and much of what they report has not been researched. Please deliver to the CBC News Department;  * I find that the […]