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The Cost Of Tunneling – Part 2

Again, our friend, Mr. Cow’s comment is worthy of a post of its own. To tunnel or not to tunnel: that is the question and tunneling or subway construction has become politcal and not technical issue. In the late Victorian era, during the railway building boom, small railway companies almost went bankrupt building tunnels because […]


The Cost of Tunneling

The huge cost of tunneling for subway projects are barely mentioned in the media. €4.4 billion for 6 km of twin bore tunnel and seven stations equals CAD $6.08 billion or CAD $1.o1 billion per km to build. This should give pause for thought to BC and regional politicians that the high cost of subway […]

Congestion is endemic in Vancouver

Observations On A Broken Regional Transit System

The past few month, Zwei has been on the road, throughout the lower mainland attending rugby games (my son plays first div.) and has made a very depressing observation. Despite over $30 billion invested or will be invested in the regional light metro system, traffic is getting worse and congestion, spiced with gridlock is endemic. […]

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Why Are Transit Projects So Costly?

Sadly, the same is true in Canada and BC. By comparison the $2.7 billion, 3.5 mile (5.7 km) Broadway subway costs $772 million/mile and the $4.6 to $5.1 billion 10 mile (16 km) Surrey Langley SkyTrain will cost $467 million to $510 million/mile to build. Oh yes, the estimated $1.5 billion 80 mile (130 km) […]


Over-Designed’ Megaprojects Are Bad For Environment And Taxpayers

Sadly, the same is true in BC and Canada, where politicians fully believe the more money one spends on transit, the better is is. We are currently spending around $11 billion to extend the SkyTrain light metro system a mere 21.7 km. Current Cost Estimates: Surrey Langley SkyTrain – $4.6 billion to $5.1 billion Broadway […]

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Listen To The Experts

When Patrick Condon, BSc, MLA,  Professor Chair, Urban Design Faculty of Applied Science School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture says a new transit vision is needed in metro Vancouver, we should listen. We should have listened to the experts in the 1980’s when the then social Credit government forced ALRT onto the regions regional transit […]

Cost comparison

Maintenance Costs – What Politicans Ignore

This is a must read as maintenance is one of the least understood functions of operating a transit system. It is often ignored by politicians because most politicians do not understand it nor want to due to unpleasant tax implications that tend to be embarrassing at election time. The Ottawa LRT/Light-Metro is a very good […]


T.E.A.M’s LRT – Offering Much More Light Rail At A Far Cheaper Cost.

Again, old Zwie, the Curmudgeon Laurette of transit, is delighted that Vancouver T.E.A.M. mayoralty candidate Colleen Hardwick is talking LRT while those running against her are still talking dated light-metro. So, let us have a look at costs of the three proposals. T.E.A.M’s Hardwick’s 58 km of LRT The Aprox. 7 km Millennium Line subway […]

The Expo and millennium Lines use movable frog switches, which gives a good ride for cars traversing the switch. This Marx O-Gauge switch is a good illustration of a a movable frog switch.

Dislodgment My Arse – TransLink Hides A Derailment!

Derailment: the action of a train or tram leaving its tracks accidentally. When TransLink invents new terms for a train derailment, you know they are trying to hide something. Two bolts sheared on a turnout or switch is not a coincidence, rather it points to a lack of maintenance on the system. That TransLink is […]

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Sparkle Ponies And Pixie Dust – Kennedy-Stewart’s Loopy Line

At least some politicians get it, some politicians actually read this blog, obviously Vancouver’s current mayor Kennedy Stewart does not read this blog and more pity to him.! In a re-election bid, Mayor Kennedy Stewart has promised to build a SkyTrain loop in central Vancouver. Really? What will be the cost of this SkyTrain subway […]