Canada line Kaput!

An issue, really? What issue? Again TransLink tries to hide the truth from the public, just by saying “an issue”. Well that’s bloody obvious sunshine, what issue? Stay tuned for another episode of “Automatic (driverless) light-metro systems age very poorly, especially the P-3 variety! Canada Line issue leads to delays Friday FILE – A SkyTrain […]

You do Not like Streetcars ……………. Pity!

In Metro Vancouver, publishing the following is considered heresy by the SkyTrain lobby, yet today, SkyTrain shows very little benefits to the community, rather it creates barriers to transit. All the SkyTrain Lobby, the mayor’s Council on Transit, TransLink and the provincial government can show is that SkyTrain drives up property values, creating demovictions for […]

Another Suicide

Sadly, there has been another suicide on the SkyTrain light metro system, as in TransLink’s lexicon, “medical emergency” means suicide or attempted suicide. In Europe, EEC rules demand station doors must be installed on all automatic (driverless) transit systems, not so in Canada. Not so in Canada, especially in Vancouver, where politicians and transit authorities […]

A SkyTrain Carol

The following is an Email I sent to metro Vancouver mayor’s and Councils. Yes I know it is long and from the response I got, such as lectures by Mayors for not crafting long Emails indicates I hit a nerve. I also copied it politcal leaders and the Mayor’s Council on Transit. Why? I want […]

Perils Of Driverless Operation

Really? At first glance one wonders why? Why the need for a bus bridge and huge inconvenience for light-metro customers? The real problem is this, automatic (driverless) transit systems, for all the expensive kit, cannot deal with problems unlike a system with a driver. The real problem is that the train may hit a person […]

Burning Bus Blues

Before TransLink goes hog wild buying battery buses, there is a slight problem, the tend to catch fire.     Third electric London bus catches fire after two burst into flames earlier this month Firefighters tackled the blaze in a bus garage in Putney An electric bus has caught fire in London, making it the […]

The 1986 LRTA Study: Bus – LRT – Metro Comparison

From 2016 I have not reprinted this for a while, but I see a rise of anti-LRT cods-wallop on local and social media and a reply must be made. Every year I reprint this post to remind everyone of the ability to move large amount of people at an affordable cost. There is an ongoing […]

The Bergen Line

The Bergen Line or the Bergen Railway (Norwegian: Bergensbanen or Nynorsk: Bergensbana), is a 371-kilometre (231 mi) long scenic standard gauge railway line between Bergen and Hønefoss, Norway. The name is often applied for the entire route from Bergen via Drammen to Oslo, where the passenger trains go, a distance of 496 kilometres (308 mi). […]

New Skoda Trams

  The Prague tramway network is the largest tram network in the Czech Republic, consisting of 144 km (89 mi) of track, 882 tram vehicles (one of the largest fleets in the world) and 26 daytime routes, 2 historical and 10 night routes with a total route length of 518 km (322 mi). It is […]

Let’s Take The train From Narvik – The Ofoten Line

I have become somewhat addicted to the HD driver’s view cams of Scandinavia, especially Norway and Sweden. The Ofoten Line is a must see video! The scenery is stark, rugged and awe inspiring. The single track Ofoten Line sees  tourist trains, regular passenger trains, freight trains and twenty-four or more ore trains use daily! The […]