The 50 year costs of bus, BRT and LRT from Ontario's MetroLinx Study comparing 50 year costs of various transit modes.

TransLink’s BRT – What Is The Real Story?

BRT – A View From a Canadian Transit Expert – A Repost from 2015 Today’s post is a re post from 2015  and 2023, is an an interesting piece offered by Mr. Haveacow, a transit specialist from Ottawa who has good knowledge of Canadian public transit. He wishes to be anonymous because of Canada’s arcane […]

Toronto Strteetcar

The 1986 LRTA Study: Bus – LRT – Metro Comparison

From 2016 I have not reprinted this for a while, but I see a rise of anti-LRT cods-wallop on local and social media and a reply must be made. Every year I reprint this post to remind everyone of the ability to move large amount of people at an affordable cost. There is an ongoing […]

A Big Lie

If you tell a SkyTrain lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

This is an updated post from 2009.   The title quote by Joseph Goebbels, famed Nazi propagandist, aptly describes the SkyTrain lobby’s and BC Transit/TransLink’s thirty year long propaganda campaign to sell SkyTrain and discredit modern light rail. The many pro-SkyTrain blog sites that offer little in fact, but much unfounded rhetoric. All the bumf […]


“Even Your Auditor General Seems To Have Done His Sums On The Back Of An Envelope.”

From 2013, updated. I am reposing this from 2013 because I just heard on the radio, the often repeated nonsense, that SkyTrain has a greater capacity than light rail.   The SkyTrain light metro system doesn’t and it never did. From Thales News Release concerning the $1.47 billion signalling upgrade of the Expo and Millennium […]

BC Transit Rail

Zwei Sends A Letter

I will send the following letter to all municipal and provincial politicians in November  and it will be ignored, as usual. This does not surprise me because our current lot don’t want to acknowledge the truth, lest they be embarrassed by past politically inspired decisions. Six figured salaried planners and engineers are merely telling politicians […]

Brisbane BRT bus jam.

BRT – A View From a Canadian Transit Expert – A Repost from 2015

Mr. Haveacow, who frequently comments on the RftV blog, is a Canadian public transit specialist and what he says deserves to be listened to. As he is active in the transit profession in Canada, he would like to keep his real name out of the media, lest he be black listed for his views. The […]


How The NDP Paved Paradise and Turned It Into a Parking Lot. A Repost From 2020

This is a repost of a November 2020 blog post. The estimated cost for a 21.7 km extension of the Millennium Line (Broadway subway) and the Expo Line (Surrey – Langley extension) is now past $11 billion. The NDP are setting in motion a highway’s only planning for the future, doubling down on BC’s famous […]


Vancouver Will Need To Adopt Lower-Cost LRT In Its Lesser Corridors – Updated

The consensus is the same, Metro Vancouver will need to adopt lower-cost LRT for its future transit needs. This was first posted in 2019 and the costs and the financial numbers have changed somewhat. Currently, the province and metro Vancouver is spending over $11 billion for 21.7 km of new light-metro line, including the Broadway […]

Tallinn tram with low-floor section added

Free Transit, Is Not Free

A re-post from 2016. An interesting read for those who want free transit, but remember, free transit comes at a price.   The Tallinn experiment: what happens when a city makes public transport free? Since Estonia’s capital started providing free public transport for residents in 2013, it claims to have turned a €20m a year […]

Cost comparison

The Staggering cost of Subway Construction – A repost from 2019

A re-post from 2019. It seems several TransLink and City of Vancouver bureaucrats are tying the spin that subways are cheaper in the long run. Of course, they do not give firm numbers on anything! Some transit blogs seem to think that building a subway is easy peasy , costing only a little more than […]