Regional Passenger Service reinstated In Ontario

It is interesting that Ontario is reinstating the Northlander Passenger service in Ontario, yet the BC government ignores reinstating, at least three regional railways. The prediction that the service would see 40,000 to 60,000 passengers a year, three BC regional railways ould easily reach the same passenger load a day! Rail for the Valley’s Marpole […]

Ottawa’s O-Train

Part 1 Ottawa’s Trillium Line is often miscaptioned by the media as LRT, it is not. The Trillium Line is a DMU service. The Trillium Line is a good example of providing quality transit at a much lower cost than more expensive tramways and unrealistic and hugely costly light-metro. Monthly operating costs of the 24 […]

Should We Convert The Canada Line to Light Rail?

Updated for 2024  With Covid-19, this becomes more important than ever. Right now we have a Hobson’s choice for regional rail transit, extend the Millennium and Expo Lines and continue using the proprietary Movia Automatic Light Metro or nothing. This must change and change soon, or the hugely expensive SkyTrain light metro system will become […]

Three Must Build Regional Railways

With global warming and climate change begin to cast a fiery shadow over the province this summer, what is the provincial government planning? Three guesses and the first two don’t count: building more highways. Our politcal “rubber on asphalt” mentality will be the death of this province as the provincial government continues to promote car […]

TramTrain for Cape Breton?

Interesting news from the other side of the country. Cape Breton Island Population: 93,700 So, a population of 93,700 warrants a study to see if light rail is feasible? How about Vancouver Island and the E&N? How about restoring a passenger service on the former BC electric interurban route to Chilliwack? The distance between Port […]

TramTrain – Regional Railways – Why Not Here?

As all levels of government pretend they are fighting Global Warming and Climate change, via the much hated Carbon Tax, real solutions such as TramTrain and regional railways are ignored. Germany has been a forefront in the fight against Global Warming and Climate change and part of that fight is reopening abandoned rail routes and […]

Man of Straw Arguments

  “Man of Straw” argument: The straw man fallacy is an informal fallacy, which means that the flaw lies with the arguer’s method of arguing rather than the flaws of the argument itself. The straw man fallacy avoids the opponent’s actual argument and instead argues against an inaccurate caricature of it. When dealing with arguments […]


Catching a local radio last week, the old saw about capacity and that SkyTrain had a higher capacity than Light Rail, again was used as a example why light rail was not as good as SkyTrain. Sadly, there was no fact check, just blind acceptance of fake news. Really, after the $1.49 billion resignalling contract, […]

Five Reasons Why The NDP Don’t Want The “Return of the Interurban”.

  This post was released on Wednesday, February 11, 2009,under the title, “Five reasons Why Gordo and his ‘Falcon’ don’t want the “Return of the Interurban”. It is still relevant today, only the names have been changed. Under the NDP, nothing has changed. So, with a little tweaking here and updating there, we have the […]

TramTrain – Success Ignored

A Karlsruhe tram at night The birth of what we call TramTrain or a streetcar that can operate on the mainline railways, came about after much research and public consultation, to provide the the city and region of a ‘user-friendly’ public transit system. In the 1980’s cities with trams or streetcars were seeing a steady […]