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Be a part of the movement to get us Rail For The Valley!

The success of this campaign has come from people like you getting
involved. By writing letters and pressuring the politicians, passenger
rail is closer than ever to being realized, and all of it has been
achieved through email and the internet.

1) Join the campaign by emailing: and put “subscribe” in the subject line.
(To unsubscribe, put “unsubscribe” in the subject line.) It takes so
little effort to make a difference.

2) Email us your thoughts and ideas: send an email to

3) Write a Letter to the Editor: Take a look at all the letters that have already been
printed in the papers by scanning through our archives. It’s easy to do, and when we all do it, it makes
people stand up and notice.

***Visit our PRESS PAGE for a list
of newspaper e-mail addresses.***

4) Join our original facebook group: The Fraser
Valley needs passenger rail service NOW!

5) Be a part of the Rail For The Valley

STICKER CAMPAIGN (click here) – Just imagine driving down the
highway in traffic and seeing RAIL FOR THE VALLEY on every third car…

6) Join Rail for the
Valley – Creative Cats
We need buttons, we need t-shirts, we
need posters, we need banners, we need artwork, we need music, we need
bumper stickers, we need a sense of humour, we need slogans, we need to
get creative! Sign on here and get involved in the creative campaign.

7) Check out the Valley Transportation
Advisory Committee (VALTAC)
, take the VALTAC survey and get
involved with them as well!
Their website is very good, check it

If you wish to make a donation to the campaign, click
the button below.
(Rail For The Valley is not a registered charity, so
we can not issue tax receipts.)