A Message From The South Fraser Community Rail Society

TransLink is up to its old games of deception and fabrication, by repeating lies so often that the public believe them.

Who is not afraid to bell the TransLink Cat?

As a reminder, the South Fraser Community Rail Society is not Rail for the Valley, but we are striving for one goal, to reinstate a passenger service using the former BC Electric rights-of-ways.

South Fraser Community Rail Society

“Hydrogen iLink Passenger Rail, Scott Rd. SkyTrain to Chilliwack” #connect the valley


Press Release – from Bill Vander Zalm           July 16th, 2019

Message to the TransLink Mayor’s Council. On July 25th, 2019….

10 Ways TransLink is WRONG in their critique of the Interurban Corridor. Vote NO to Fraser Hwy SkyTrain and YES to Interurban!

The following refers to the Metro Vancouver portion of the line only!

  1. TransLink suggests Community Rail is an alternative to SkyTrain, it is not. While it will serve all those Metro Vancouver needs at 1/10th the cost, it would serve the needs of the entire valley – through Interregional Transit.


  1. TransLink states the line owned by CP Rail and Southern Railway – It is NOT!


  1. TransLink suggests Passenger traffic conflicts with Freight Traffic, it would not. The Master Agreement signed by CP Rail has agreed to pay the cost of double tracking if required. That is what we negotiated!


  1. TransLink suggests the Interurban has limited alignment with regional land use plans”. TransLink then is prepared to run through Green Timbers Forest, the lightly populated Fleetwood community and the Serpentine Flats, four KMs in the ALR a dead zone. Our corridor is in place ready to use!


  1. TransLink states that the line “does not directly connect relevant regional destinations (i.e. Surrey Central and Langley City).” They fail to acknowledge the line serves regional destinations such as N. Delta, Sullivan, Newton, Cloverdale, S. Surrey, Wh. Rock as well as Langley City – a much greater population than served by the Fraser Highway option at 1/10th the cost.


  1. TransLink states “the Interurban alignment is indirect through lower density and diverse areas. Directness and density are critical factors of a successful rapid transit corridor.” Their own maps clearly show the Interurban connects key job centers – Scott Road, Delta/Surrey, Newton, Cloverdale and Langley, greater than the proposed SkyTrain Line.


  1. TransLink talks about increasing volumes of freight, they are deliberately ignoring the terms of the Master Agreement and CP Rail’s legal responsibility per a contract that we negotiated in 1988 to double track if required and share the track equally with passenger traffic.


  1. TransLink claims the Interurban requires substantial infrastructure investment comparable to building rapid transit along urban arterials.” How can you compare or suggest building an entire new line with all the property acquisition and cement infrastructure that is required to an existing operating rail line with NO property acquisition, lease, or structure required to build; except for the Joint Section which is covered by the Master Agreement, and owned by the Province of B.C. with passenger rights that we reserved at no cost. Furthermore, apart from the “shared section” discussed above, the line is very lightly and used largely during off hours.


  1. It is clear there is a deep misunderstanding by TransLink staff regarding the interurban proposal. The Interurban is necessary to alleviate the congestion on Highway 1 and protect the Fraser Valley Airshed. The full line Pattullo SkyTrain Station to the City of Chilliwack is all about the absolute necessity of establishing an Interregional Transit Network. The Metro Vancouver portion of the line is clearly superior to that of the Fraser Highway SkyTrain proposal and by extension will be for the Fraser Valley.


  1. The Interurban can be activated much faster, at 1/10th the cost, and would serve almost three times the population than that of SkyTrain within Metro Vancouver’s Boundaries.


Bill Vander Zalm

Former Premier of British Columbia

Former B.C. Minister for Municipal Affairs and Transit

Former Mayor of the City of Surrey

Media – Connect with Bill Vander Zalm by request through Rick Green

@ 604 866-5752 or by email at southfrasercommunityrail@shaw.ca

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