Another Suicide

Sadly, there has been another suicide on the SkyTrain light metro system, as in TransLink’s lexicon, “medical emergency” means suicide or attempted suicide.

In Europe, EEC rules demand station doors must be installed on all automatic (driverless) transit systems, not so in Canada.

Not so in Canada, especially in Vancouver, where politicians and transit authorities just do not seem to care.


SkyTrain station closed in New Westminster, causing delays on Expo Line

The Expo Line has suspended its service between Edmonds and New Westminster stations Tuesday morning due to a “medical emergency.”

TransLink says the incident is at 22nd Street Station, and that station is closed.

A bus bridge has been requested to help move people during the morning’s commute, however, the transit provider has not provided an estimated time of reopening.

TransLink says people travelling west on the Expo Line will have to transfer to a bus at New Westminster Station, while customers heading east will have to transfer at Edmonds.

The Millennium Line and the Canada Line are unaffected, TransLink says.

From TransLink’s web site, time 11:23 am Tuesday Jan. 30 2024:

Critical Alerts

2 Alerts

Station Closure SkyTrain: Expo Line

In Effect30-Jan-2024 10:27 am — Ongoing

Expo Line 22nd Street Station is closed due to medical emergency. Expect delays. M-Line and Canada Line unaffected. Updates to follow.

Expo Line trains will be traveling through 22nd St Station without stopping.

Bus Bridge is in place to assist between New Westminster, 22nd St Station, and Edmonds Station.

Some trains may terminate at Edmonds Station and others may terminate at New Westminster Station. Please watch destination signs to ensure you are boarding the correct train.

Updated34 minutes ago

Bus BridgeSkyTrain: Expo Line

In Effect30-Jan-2024 9:29 am — Ongoing

Bus Bridge is supplementing Expo Line service between Edmonds Station and New Westminster Station due to medical emergency at 22nd St Station.

Bus Bridge Locations:

Edmonds Station – Bay 5 – Stop # 52605

22nd Street Station – Both Directions – Stop # 58322

New Westminster Station – Bay 7 – Stop # 61654


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