Canucks Don’t Do Light Rapid Transit


Certainly, Canada doesn’t do urban, interurban & regional rail based LRT,

It used to be that the US was the most intransigent, obdurate & reactionary nation in the western world as far as transit, but the past ten years have seen a massive expansion of Light Rail, LRT, Tramways & Streetcar systems in America

From the Light Rail Transit Association – LRTA

and the USAi??Light Rail Now

Electric Light Rail Transit (LRT) Interurban & Streetcar
Baltimore (rapid LRT)
Boston (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to modern LRT)
Buffalo (modern semi-metro LRT)
Charlotte (modern interurban LRT, heritage streetcar)
Cleveland (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to modern LRT)
Dallas (modern interurban LRT, heritage streetcar)
Denver (rapid interurban LRT)
Houston (rapid LRT)
Hudson-Bergen (rapid interurban LRT)
Kenosha (heritage streetcar)
Little Rock (heritage streetcar)
Los Angeles (rapid interurban LRT)
Memphis (currently heritage streetcar; modern LRT planned)
Minneapolis (interurban LRT in operation, streetcar proposed)
Newark (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to rapid LRT)
New Orleans (heritage streetcar)
Philadelphia (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to modern LRT, heritage streetcar)
Phoenix (rapid LRT)
Pittsburgh (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to rapid LRT)
Portland (rapid interurban LRT)
Sacramento (rapid interurban LRT in operation, heritage streetcar proposed)
St. Louis (rapid interurban LRT in operation, heritage streetcar proposed)
Salt Lake City (rapid interurban LRT in operation, heritage streetcar proposed)
San Diego (rapid interurban LRT in operation, heritage streetcar proposed)
San Francisco (legacy surface electric railway upgraded to rapid LRT, heritage streetcar)
San Jose (modern interurban LRT, heritage streetcar)
San Pedro (heritage streetcar)
Seattle (modern streetcar, modern semi-metro LRT)
Tacoma (modern LRT streetcar)

Tampa (currently heritage streetcar; modern LRT planned)

Internally Powered Light Railway
Austin (diesel mutliple-unit light railway)
Camden-Trenton (diesel mutliple-unit light railway)
Galveston (fuel-motor-powered heritage streetcar)
Oceanside-Escondido (diesel mutliple-unit light railway)
Savannah (heritage streetcar powered by fuel motor and supercapacitors)
Metro (Rail Rapid Transit) and Regional Passenger Rail (“Commuter Rail”)
Ft. Lauderdale
Ft. Worth
Los Angeles
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco/Bay Area
San Jose


Heritage Trolley Systems
Colorado Springs
Ft. Collins
Ft. Smith

US – 74NoAi??New Rail Transit Systems Proposed, Planned, or in Development

from Light Rail Now

Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Waterloo; not counting Vancouver cos’ Skytrain is not LRT

Could do a lot, lot better Canada but probably will not because its not politicallyAi?? expedient.


8 Responses to “Canucks Don’t Do Light Rapid Transit”
  1. rico says:

    Just to be fair your list includes proposed systems in the US and by that definition you miss Montreal, Winnepeg, Ottawa, Hamlton, Vicoria and probably more I don’t know about adjust that for population and their are probably more systems in the works up here. The Hamilton and Ottawa systems are very close to actual construction.

  2. Rico says:

    Oops looks like Hamilton is stalling, Ottawa still on track for late 2012 start to construction.

    Zweisystem replies: Hamilton was never a ‘cert’ for light rail, as the city has been ‘dicking’ around with some sort of rail transit proposal after another since the mid 70’s.

  3. Evil Eye says:

    Got to give it to you Rico, like a demented person, you certainly keep going with your snide anti-LRT BS. Rico, you are like TransLink, see no LRT, hear no LRT, speak no LRT. Get with the routine sunshine, LRT has made transit systems like SkyTrain obsolete.

    Vancouver is like a time capsule, full of wonderful 1960’s enthusiasm, but we live in the 21st century and what was hip in the 60’s, is not hip today.

    You never do answer Zweisystem’s question, why no one buys SkyTrain anymore, in fact not since the 90’s. I guess you are, like TransLink, afraid of the answer.

    Zweisystem replies: Please don’t be harsh on the old dear, as you know it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

  4. rico says:

    It is interesting how on a LRT blog I get called an anti-LRT person because I pointed out proposed LRT systems Zei failed to mention inorder to make a false US vs Canada comparison. I can’t imagine he was unaware of these and it just makes the blog look bad. The toddler name calling does not help either.

    I have never felt the need to respond to Zei’s droning about the number of Skytrain systems for two reasons first is does it matter? Vancouver is one of the top performing transit cities in North America, feel free to look up the stats in Paul Mees’s book (yes that Paul Mees you linked to the other day). Granted N. America is a low bar but still. Next I am pretty sure even Zei and yourself are aware that Skytrain is a light metro and while fewer light metros than LRT are contructed lots still are.

  5. Rowley Bank says:

    Ok, Rico you’ve a chance to redeem yourself;
    You’re on centre court and I’m going serve for match point with five new balls.
    1. What do Translink have against Light Rail/LRT or Trams?
    2.Are you personally in favour of Light Rail for BC, Metro-Vancouver, Victoria or the Fraser Valley?
    3. Are you of the opinion that Light Rail/LRT could become a reality in Surrey?
    4. Why has Canada & BC in particular lagged behind the US, Europe & the rest of the world in Light Rail Transit
    5. Are you politically restrained in what you can comment on?

  6. Rico says:

    Rowley Bank, did not realize I needed to redeem myself. But here goes anyway.

    1) Can’t speak for Translink but I like LRT and Trams…..however I generally don’t want to spend money on Trams because where Trams would be successful we have successful bus (and don’t want to spend limited money getting no mobility increase). What we are currently lacking is rapid transit (true LRT, RRT, Metro, S-bahn type service) that is what we need to build for now.
    2) I am in favour of LRT for Surrey although realistically it probably should start as BRT, I don’t know enough about the Victoria situation to comment. I am not in favour of LRT past Langley at this point (although I probably would be in favour of an S-bahn type service in a new corridor).
    3) Yes
    4) We have not lagged behind the US (adjust for population between Canada and the US (maybe even without adjusting for population) and C-train probably carries more passangers than all the US LRTs put together), we are behind Europe and Asia. Plus who cares if we are behind in a particular mode (LRT) what matters is transit/car mode share….and yes we are still behind a lot of Europe and Asia there too. I would guess it has a lot to due with historical transit investment and built forms of the cities as well as the unconstrained nature of roads here vs Europe and Asia (build it and they will drive).
    5) No I have a big mouth and use it as I see fit.

  7. Rowley Bank says:

    Says it all Rico, I had hoped for better but then…
    I win.

  8. Rico says:

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