Complete Street the French Way

Complete Streets: From Policy to Implementation

How the French Blend Light Rail and Complete Streets for Total Accessibility

A PowerPoint presentation from Rail~Volution Minneapolis, 22 September 2014

by Greg Thompson . Tom Larwin . Tom Parkinson

ofAi?? the Transportation Research Board SubcommitteeAi?? on International Light Rail Development

Since 1985 when the first modern tram line opened in France 56 additional lines have opened in 33 provincial cities and various part of the Paris region carrying in aggregate well over three million passengers per day.*Ai?? Almost all of these passengers become pedestrians on at least one end of their daily trips, and most do so on both ends and places where they transfer from one line to another or change modes.

The French approach for accomplishing these results has 2 major steps.Ai?? The first step is schematic.Ai?? Planners conceptualize a multi-modal transit network. The schematicai??i??s conceptual geography must make sense in terms of satisfying peopleai??i??s travel needs.

Complete Streets French Light Rail



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