Sheffield TramTrain networking onto City Tram R-o-W

Sheffield TramTrain networking onto City Tram R-o-W


Three Tram Trains an hour travel on the Supertram network from Sheffield Cathedral to Meadowhall South, before proceeding over a new section of track linking the tram line to the rail track, called the Tinsley Chord, and on to the national rail network to Parkgate Shopping Park via Rotherham Central station. Journey times are around 27 minutes from Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate, and you can buy tickets from the conductor when you board the service.



2 Responses to “Tram-Train”
  1. Erin says:

    First, get the cost for taxpayer funded public transit down to something reasonable, say a few hundred dollars in annual taxation for each person on public transit: not the $20,000 right now in Vancouver. Second, get rid of TransLink and all the six figure do nothings. Third, get some hydrogen powered tram-buses in service from Chilliwack to Vancouver on Highway 1. This is affordable and easy to adjust for the demand.

    If we keep spending billions on infrastructure for “sky” transit, we never recoup the cost for taxpayers. Everyone at TransLink keeps laughing at us for being such fools and we get the following:

    Police zapping TransLink patron taking “sky” train;

    Alleged lawyer berating people taking “sky” train;

    Someone offended by taking “sky” train;

    Wake up Vancouver. Smell the crap. “Trans” Link. “Sky” train. “NDP” BC.

  2. Paul says:

    This tram would be great on the north shore on the existing tracks from Dundarave to phibs exchange then extened to metrotown on the existing rail bridge and through the tunnel in Burnaby. The track needs to be double tracked in places.

    Zwei replies: Exactly and at a fraction of the price of a major rapid transit crossing.

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