Could Daily Passenger Service Return to the Former BCR?

If there is to be a new passenger service on the former BCR route

VIA Rail would be the operator.

The return of the North Vancouver to Prince George passenger rail service is a good idea, both for travelers and for tourists. Leaving from downtown Vancouver would, I think, seal the deal.

The Gordon Campbell BC Liberal Party sold BC Rail in a sweetheart deal to the CNR, whose CEO just happened to be the party bagman! The Railway was sold, in part, to kill the passenger rail service so another political friend who owned the Rocky Mountaineer could operate expensive tourist trains on the run.

As the CNR is a federally mandated railway and, VIA Rail would operate the passenger service and those who want passenger service must petition their MP’s.

How a Talgo ’tilt’ train on the run or even a TramTrain service to Whistler?

Maybe a Talgo ’tilt’ train would be a ticket operating on the former BCR route.

North Vancouver wants passenger rail service

By Bryan Mc Govern


One Response to “Could Daily Passenger Service Return to the Former BCR?”
  1. wayne Ferguson says:

    Don’t expect ‘lack of Transportation Minister’ Todd Stone to do anything for rural BC. His focus is getting re-elected next year, so he will talk the talk, but never walk the walk. His M.O. is to promise great things, but deliver nothing in the way of tangible results. Photo Ops, and billion dollar bridges are Stone’s style, and he will never get involved with the Federal Government over negotiations with CNR relinquishing rail time for passenger service. Even the Shuttle from Seton Portage to Lillooet is treated like Leprosy by CN, grudgingly allowing the vital service to operate only under the threat of rail blockade. If you want Passenger Service from North Van to Prince George, it would easier , and quicker, to build your own Railway, or buy out Bill Gates’ share of CN.

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