Easter Parade in Toronto

With thanks to Mr. Cow, wholesome eye-candy!

Five Generations of Toronto Streetcars,Ai??a little history: The Peter Witt was the first streetcar class purchased by the then brand new TTC in 1921 and ran in TorontoAi??until 1963. The PCC streetcar ran in Toronto from 1938 to retirement in 1995. The TTC had the largest fleet of PCC’s in North America operating up to 745 at one point (203 second hand). The PCC’s replacement the CLRV (Canadian Light Rail Vehicle) has been running in Toronto since 1979 and its longer stable mate the ALRV (Articulated Light Rail Vehicle) began its TTC carrier in 1983. The Flexity Outlook from Bombardier just startedAi??serving TorontoAi??in 2014. The Flexity will replace all of the CLRV’s but it appears quite a few ALRV’s are going to be updated and will continue to be in service for some time.

Photo’s courtesy of Steve Munro.




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  1. eric chris says:

    Great to see. Here’s my comment in the CBC. If you don’t see it, it was censored like many of mine are these days:

    “@Mr Hope

    I’m Australian and agree with you about it being too bad that we don’t invest in trams, to UBC, for instance. They’re terrific and cost about one-quarter to one-tenth the cost of subways and viaducts for driverless induction rail transit, DIRT, by TransLink costing us about $100 million per year in pensions and salaries to do who knows what.

    TransLink hires consultants to do all the heavy lifting and there isn’t any need for anyone at TransLink, especially the $400K/yr CEO who you’d think might be an engineer but isn’t. He’s being paid to say the right things and smile. Great.

    Somebody needs to wake up and put the boot to the clowns at TransLink. I’m not happy about paying $10 to TransLink for $40 of gasoline and not many other drivers are, either. That’s what I was alluding to in my previous comment. I’m pro-transit and anti-TransLink slime.”


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