Generational divide on regionA?ai??i??ai???s light-rail plans?

In June 2010, The Province of Ontario committed $300 million towards the capital cost of constructing a rapid transit system in Waterloo Region.

  • Approved a light rail transit (LRT) system from Waterloo to Cambridge as the Region’s long-term preferred rapid transit system;
  • Recognized that a staged implementation would be required to ensure the best match of transit technology to ridership and intensification potential; and
  • Approved the initial phase of the project which includes LRT from Conestoga Mall to Fairview Park Mall and adapted bus rapid transit from Fairview Park Mall to the Ainslie Street Terminal in Cambridge.

about the project:

On March 4th, More than 280 people attended public consultations at the Albert McCormick Centre in Waterloo and at Regional Headquarters in Kitchener—the first in a series of information sessions leading to a June vote at regional council.

Report in the The 4 March 2011–generational-divide-on-region-s-light-rail-plans

WATERLOO REGION — Young people who never cared about municipal affairs before and middle-aged property owners worried about tax increases came out by the hundreds Thursday night to have a say about light-rail transit.

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