Have a Happy 2011 Toronto, love from Rob Ford

Rob Ford ready to let transit projects hold in favour of Sheppard subway

Globe & Mail December 21st



Mr. Ford has criticized light-rail transit as too similar to the streetcars he believes causes congestion in Toronto’s gridlocked roadways. He scoffed at the idea that monorails or a similar above-grade technology, which in theory would allow cars to continue unimpeded, could replace light rail. Similar projects have been tried in Vancouver’s Canada Line, which opened this year.

“There’s no more above ground,” he said. “No, everything’s going underground. I want to do subways. Every poll you see, over 80 per cent of people in the city want subways compared to LRT or streetcars. So I’m going to do what I campaigned on.”

hmmm, our Rob is clearly not impressed with the Canada Lines' ability to give cars unimpeded access to Vancouvers streets… how long before we see a Vancouver Mayor following Rob (Super Size Me) Ford's  doctrine?

….politicos in the Fraser Valley are nearly there, their support for TransLinks FVRD report condemns  residents to ever more highways & ever more congestion…

No intention of toning down in 2011, Ford says

Globe & Mail December 22nd



3 Responses to “Have a Happy 2011 Toronto, love from Rob Ford”
  1. Justin Bernard says:

    This idiot also wants to make the TTC “essential service”. And he is planning to CUT service in March!!

    I guess Toronto gets what they deserve for voting in a drunk, fat, wife-beating bigot.

  2. Justin Bernard says:

    And it’s not slander. It’s all true.

  3. zweisystem says:

    A historical note: SkyTrain or ALRT/ICTS/ALM/ART was first conceived in Toronto to mitigate against the high cost of subway construction.

    Rob Ford is a Buffoon, a very dangerous buffoon!

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