New Rail for the Valley brochures are ready

The Friends of Rail For the Valley Society has come out with some nice brochures ahead of the provincial election! Much credit goes to Robbin Yager for designing these brochures.

RFV1FAi??-Ai??This is a one-fold brochure, 11×17 inches, B&W

RFV1FcmykAi??-Ai??This is the same one-fold brochure, 11×17 inches, COLOUR (quantities limited)

RFV2FAi??-Ai??VOTE FOR CANDIDATES WHO SUPPORT LIGHT RAIL, a special pre-election brochure. 2-fold, 8.5×11 inches, B&W

RFVflysheet1Ai??- Facts vs Myths, and some specific arguments for Light Rail

We have printed out a bunch of these. If you would like some to distribute, please let us know:

We can get them to you if you can get them out there!

If you want to further support our efforts, please donate by clicking here.


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