Rail For the Valley gives Top Honours to Rick Green


Media Release: Rail For the Valley gives Top Honours to Rick Green

Langley Township Mayor Rick Green

Rail For the Valley has singled out Langley Township Mayor Rick Green for Top Honours when itAi??comes to advocating timely, sustainable transportation options. Among South of Fraser politicians hisAi??efforts have been outstanding in ensuring that people understand that there are affordable and practicalAi??solutions available to our transit problems.

Rail For the Valley founder Dr. John Buker had this to say: ai???Of all South of Fraser politicians, RickAi??Green’s achievements with respect to Rail for the Valley, and his advocacy of sustainable and timelyAi??transportation options, stand out. Mayor Green deserves unique recognition from us, for his work soAi??far.ai???

Rick Green’s three major Rail for the Valley accomplishments during his first term as Mayor ofAi??Langley Township:

1) Renewing passenger rights on the Interurban corridor. These rights would have quietly expired 2years ago, giving CP Rail a huge financial windfall, without the public even knowing, had MayorAi??Green not intervened. If the public had lost these rights, any hope of implementing a future InterurbanAi??service at an affordable cost to the taxpayer would have disappeared forever.

2) Creating the South of Fraser Community Rail Task Force. Thanks to this Task Force, communities,Ai??educational institutions, and other supportive organizations throughout the Fraser Valley are nowAi??actively communicating and working together on the regional rail issue.

3) Consistently advocating for timely and cost effective transportation alternatives to Translink. NotAi??only has Mayor Green been vocal about the possibilities for Light Rail in public, he has shown aAi??willingness to ‘stand up and be counted’ on this issue, even when encountering strong resistance fromAi??Translink and the provincial ‘Powers that Be’.


2 Responses to “Rail For the Valley gives Top Honours to Rick Green”
  1. Evil Eye says:

    Here, here.

    Mayor Green talks the talk as well, he walks the walk.

  2. the Ragnore brothers says:

    Green for provincial Prime Minister!