With new leadership coming to both major political parties in B.C., Rail For the Valley found out where the candidates stand on crucial transportation issues for the rapidly growing Fraser Valley. 

On January 26, a Questionnaire was distributed to all leadership candidates from both political parties. Three weeks later, and the responses are in.

Encouragingly, all BC NDP Candidates responded, with the exception of Harry Lali. There are some very positive responses. Click here to read.

Unfortunately, as of February 16, none of the BC Liberal candidates have responded. With the Liberal race concluding next week, candidates are strongly encouraged to respond to the Questionnaire, as it deals with issues of the utmost importance to citizens of the Fraser Valley.

Some quotes from the candidates

John Horgan: “I support an at-grade light rail system through Surrey and Langley, eventually reaching Abbotsford and even Chilliwack. Skytrain is a mass transit/high density option that is neither suitable nor desirable for the needs of the Fraser Valley.”

“The Fraser Valley needs to have an integrated transit system that uses light rail to connect communities, with buses bringing commuters from their neighbourhoods to the line.”

“We need complete communities, with jobs, services and entertainment for local residents. Light rail encourages the private sector investments that provide those options.”

Adrian Dix: “Yes, [I support moving forward with planning Interurban Light Rail] with the objective of developing light rail to connect Central City to Newton then to Langley, using the existing line.”

“There is no question in my view that the south of the Fraser region has to have a much higher priority in transit priorities due to rapid growth and the overall neglect of transit south of the Fraser.”

Mike Farnworth: “Local communities should make decisions about their transit needs and solutions that fit their communities and are not imposed by Victoria.”

“Light Rail needs to be part of a comprehensive sustainable transit strategy both here in the lower mainland and in other growing urban areas in British Columbia.”

Nicholas Simons: “The province is trying to force both your communities and Lower Island communities into a Rapid Bus system that will not accomplish community aims, but may be marginally cheaper to implement in the short term than LRT.”

“The ability of LRT to attract ridership means that it can help build density at nodes and further complete-community objectives, where Rapid Bus cannot.”

Dana Larsen: “As Premier, I would immediately halt highways expansion and fund the rapid deployment and expansion of rail throughout the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria, and if feasible, the Okanagan.”



  1. I am so glad to see these responses. If only they will translate into action. It’s criminal that we have a rail system we could be using rather than driving more and more cars. We should have done this rather than twinning the Port Mann!!

  2. the Ragnore brothers says:

    How very right you are Wendy, I would just wish that even more residents in the Fraser Valley could see the benefits & opportunities of reopening the Interurban.

  3. Tom Fleming says:

    We definitely need more local passenger rail in BC communities.
    The interurban is such a railway you can keep adding to as the need arises within BC communities.
    We definitely do not need more cars on the roads in BC.

    We need to see all politicians looking at this green initiative.
    Not supporting more cars on the road creating grid lock.

    When politicians fail to listen to the people it only strengthens the call for recalls and public demonstrations.

    Keep up the good work rail for the valley because most citizens see the big picture of your inter urban rail vision encompassing all of BC into the future.

    Lets see more young people running for all levels of government seats in Canada.

  4. Neale Adams says:

    I am heartened by the comments of those in the NDP leadership contest.
    I do hope those in the Liberal contest find time to reply.
    Transportation should not be a partisan issue, with one group advocating rail, the other freeways. We need to objectively determine what the Valley and metropolitan area needs for the next 50 years, and build it. It seems to me with global warming, high oil prices, and the lifestyle a growing number of young people want, rail should have a big role in the future!

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