Light Rail, Tramway & Streetcar news from America

The Cardinal has posted a number of news articles on European Light Rail & Tramway developments in the past month; now from the US comes news of two new transit scheme initiatives and developments on a third.

Washington DC

Streetcars on track for return to D.C.

Washington Post 15 February 2011


Czech built Skoda Inekon Streetcars destined for the streets of Washington DC


Superior Plus is a 100 % Low Floor Tram designed for Toronto's unique requirements and specifications, issued in the original Request For Proposal by TTC in January 2008.


Minneapolis CBS December 21 2010

Minneapolis A Step Closer To Return Of Street Cars

New Orleans

New Orleans tram project approved

Railway Gazette February 15 2011


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  1. Bungameng says:

    It is not Å koda-Inekon any more, the two companies are working separately now. The one for Washington is just Inekon. But, to make it more complicated, the proposal for Toronto was made by the two companies jointly, however it was won by Bobardier: the Canadiens didn’t even allow Inekon take part in the bidding process. Bombardier because it has assembly line in Canada.

    There is also a copy (under licence) made of the Å koda tram in US:

  2. Cardinal Fang says:

    Thanks for your feed back Bungameng, much appreciated

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