SkyTrain Ka-Put Again

For a proprietary transit system that is supposed to have a remarkable operational reliability, it is breaking down an awful lot lately.

Could it be that SkyTrain is not as reliable as certain people would have us think?

Sadly, SkyTrain is demonstrating the perils of an aging proprietary railway.

Stalled train creates SkyTrain delays during afternoon rush

by Hana Mae Nassar

Posted Feb 5, 2018 5:02 pm PST

Last Updated Feb 5, 2018

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? A big headache for those trying to take the SkyTrain this afternoon.

Expo Line SkyTrain service has been stopped between Waterfront and Commercial-Broadway St Stations because of a stalled train by Main Street-Science World.

According to TransLink, a bus bridge has being set up to help commuters, but all downtown Vancouver stations are being closed to help alleviate congestion.

Canada Line and Millennium Line service is unaffected.

Transit Police officers and additional staff have been called in and are on the platforms to help manage crowds during during the afternoon rush.



5:36 pm

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? Service is slowly resuming on the Expo Line SkyTrain after a stalled train shut down operations between Waterfront and Commercial-Broadway stations this afternoon.

Stations are still dealing with crowds of people, and TransLink is asking for patience.

Expo Line SkyTrain service had been stopped between Waterfront and Commercial-Broadway St Stations because of a stalled train by Main Street-Science World.

A bus bridge had been set up to help commuters, and all downtown Vancouver stations were closed toAi??help alleviate congestion.


8 Responses to “SkyTrain Ka-Put Again”
  1. Joe says:

    With great respect, I don’t see how bashing Skytrain as often as you do helps promote Rail for the Fraser Valley. Thanks.

    Zwei replies: The problem is, with SkyTrain on the table there is no way in hell that a Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain servcie will be built. 5 years from now, when Innovia SkyTrain production ceases, the story may change. You want rail for the valley, one must push a wooden stake through SkyTrain.

  2. Fraser says:

    There is no need for a tramtrain from Vancouver to chilliwack. Maybe from Langley to Chilliwack is ok paid by BC Transit.

    Zwei replies: Such silly thoughts, only a through servcie will attract ridership, why do you think all passenger railways go to the city centre.

  3. tensorflow says:

    No, I don’t think whether or not the Chillliwack’s Rail service could be put into service is dependent on whatever the Vancouver has. It is very cheap to use existing rails so as long as the Victorians think Chillliwack and Abbotsford should receive more development (I highly doubt if they are now) they will put the rail to service, regardless of how much they spend on SkyTrain.

    If you are worry about that Vancouver-Surrey section of such rail which is currently occupied by Skytrain, Skytrain vehicles are very light, one of the benefit of LIM system. So it is possible to use them as regular trailer passenger wagon propelled by diesel locomotives in Surrey-Chillliwack section, and let them run on their own in Vancouver-Surrey section. This is something similar to what Hong Kongers had been doing before the Chinese Railway was cleared for elecctrified operation on Hong Kong soil between 1997 and 2005.

    (Please ignore the previous one I released it too early…)

  4. Dondi says:

    Is it technically possible for Sky Train cars to be pushed or pulled along the existing rail line between Chiliwack to Surrey? ‘Neutral’ gear? Gauge? Brakes?

    Zwei replies: Technically possible yes, costly and a silly waste of money.

  5. zweisystem says:

    There are no gears on SkyTrain as the cars are propelled by magnetic force. There is no neutral gear.

  6. zweisystem says:

    In Karlsruhe Germany, transit officials tried a battery propelled section of the line, with a battery pack automatically designed to couple to the trams for the section without the overhead. It was found expensive and cumbersome.

  7. Haveacow says:

    The SkyTrain can’t operate on sections of the national railway network due to passenger safety and rail traffic safety. Mainline railway equipment can’t operate on the tracks or track network of SkyTrain. These seperate operating boxes or categories are maintained by Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Directorate. These different operating categories keep trains of different sizes and masses separate and safe. However, for Zwei’s Tram-Train to work some changes to these rules will have to change forever.

    Zwei replies: As we are finding out in the UK. That being said, if the UK accepts TramTrain, it will be easier for Transport Canada to do the same. The issue will be signalling.

  8. tensorflow says:

    I am not sure what you mean by “gear”. The technical term could either be motor, axles, or wheels.

    LIM trains only have stator but not the rotor so no they don’t have motors so indeed they can never run on their own on conventional railways. They do have axles and wheels and they are powerless. So they can be pushed by other vehicles.

    Here is a video of Japanese LIM vehicle (Toei 12-600 Series) propelled by an electric locomotive on conventional railway:

    Haveacow is correct, North America had a bunch of silly rules with respect to rail safety that prevent a lot of system to be used. U.S. is actually doing a better job on preventing these rules affecting building modern railway transportation, example being the new Stadler KISS vehicles about to be used by CalTrain. Canada should change these rules for good.