An interesting thought

An interesting thought:

Has anyone made or care to make a calculation of the annual lives saved; medical costs saved;Ai??Ai??insurance not paid out; etc.,Ai??if the Fraser Valley had a regularly scheduled TramTrain service from Chilliwack to Vancouver? This an especially important question today, with the scores of accidents and injuries, just on Tuesday on the Number 1 highway from Surrey to Chilliwack.

Zwei reckons that TramTrain would save the medical/insurance agencies aloneAi??about $10 million annually, or about two thirds of the operating costs of the proposed Valley TramTrain service.

Is TransLink and the Provincial Government listening? Do they care?



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  1. Jim says:

    But Zwei, the BC government knows that injured people (or sick people from pollution) creates jobs in the health care field. Think of the jobs!

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