As Zwei Has Predicted…..

After all the raspberries that came my way about the Broadway Subway, I have been somewhat vindicated.

The construction delays also translates into increased costs and with an election around the corner, the current government will wait until after the election to give the bad news.

It also explains the puff piece in the Tyee (the feisty one that now has lost all its feist!) last week, exhorting the virtues of the subway.

No wonder they banned Zwei from commenting.

The Broadway subway will remain a subway to nowhere, which will generally increase travel times because of inconvenient transfers and driving up the cost of transit. The last laugh is so clearly evident, as TransLink is only going to signal the Millennium Line to have a maximum capacity of 7,500 pphpd, about half of what is normally considered the minimum capacity needed for building a subway.

Even TransLink thinks the subway is nothing more than an expensive White Elephant and this is for what the city of Vancouver has been all who would listen that Broadway is the busiest transportation corridor in North America.

Sadly the joke is on BC taxpayers as TransLink, The city of Vancouver and David Eby’s NDP have “Trumped” everyone with not only the Broadway subway but regional transportation as well!

Broadway subway, Pattullo bridge replacement projects delayed

By Charles Brockman

Posted May 24, 2024

The B.C. government has announced delays to two major infrastructure projects in the Lower Mainland.

In a release Friday, the province says commuters can expect months of delays on both the Pattullo Bridge Replacement and Broadway Subway projects.

The release said design and construction activities on the Broadway Subway Project have “taken longer than originally expected, including work to relocate major utilities and install traffic decks, while keeping traffic moving along Broadway.”

he province claims that the most technically complex part of the process is over with the completion of the tunnel boring under Broadway, but that progress was delayed in part due to a five-week concrete strike in 2022.

While the subway line was once slated for 2026, the province now says it will open in fall of 2027.

Meanwhile, the release said the main tower for the new bridge — and now the tallest bridge tower in B.C. — connecting Surrey and New Westminster, is complete. But the replacement for the Pattullo bridge, which started in 2020, has also reportedly faced challenges like global supply issues.

“Despite facing significant global challenges, we’ve seen tremendous progress on both of these projects,” said Rob Fleming, B.C.’s minister of transportation and infrastructure. “These projects will move people and goods more quickly and safely around the Lower Mainland.”

As a result, the ministry says the new bridge is expected to open in fall of 2025.

“On projects of this size, delays have the potential to affect other construction activities,” the ministry said. “While mitigation efforts were made to recover both project schedules, it wasn’t always possible.”


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  1. Major Hoople says:

    When we were involved with the RAV project, we never understood the reasoning for a subway.

    All involved from your municipal governments all believed that a subway was the ultimate in transportation and a cure all for traffic problems.

    From what I have been told from those visiting Vancouver is that traffic is worse and taking transit was not a real option.

    We predicted this, but were note so politely ignored as I remember one bureaucrat being very rude about our warnings about subways.

    It is regrettable that no one listened because from what I read here, you are spending a serious amount of money for what is a mere pig in a poke.

    We just do not understand your politics because you are building new bridges but Vancouver is on a peninsula and there is no egress other than a few bridges, yet those in charge seem oblivious to mounting gridlock.

    Even your American neighbors are beginning to understand the traffic issues as one cannot build themselves out of auto gridlock. Vancouver and environs, seem utterly oblivious to this.

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